After a change in ownership just a few months ago, a longtime Mexican restaurant in Folsom has some big changes ahead. Hacienda Real in the heart of the city’s Historic District is changing its name and its fare.

“Hacienda Real is going to be rebranded Riley’s on Sutter Street,” owner Michael Sanson told Folsom Times. “It will be an American Grill and Bar.”


At this time, Hacienda Real will continue to dish out its tacos, burritos and other Mexican dishes as Sanson goes to work to rebrand the restaurant.  In early October, the name will change along with the fare. The menu will feature a variety of great appetizers, along with burgers, sandwiches, wings, tacos, flatbread pizzas and salads. 

Sanson said they will also offer kids meals to attract families and serve a variety of craft cocktails, beers and wines for those who enjoy a refreshing spirit with or without a meal.


Late last year, Sanson, already a well-known restauranter in the region, purchased the establishment from Chris Corda, who had owned the Mexican eatery for over 35 years.  Sanson is known for his successful Plank restaurant in the Historic District and other dining ventures through the years, including the former Rock n’ Fire the Folsom and other cities.  

One of his traits as a restaurant owner is determining what his customers in the market desire the most. In the last few months of operating Hacienda Real, Sanson has learned that an American Grill and Bar is much desired in the Historic District. 


“We simply weren’t filling up that massive restaurant and adding a broader menu will attract more people to the space,” said Sanson. “Some of the menu items will come from former Rock-N-Fire menu that everyone loved.”


Located at the intersection of Sutter and Riley Streets in Historic Folsom, one may assume the new name is associated with the location of the establishment, however, the new name of Riley’s on Sutter has a much more personal meaning for Sanson. 

“It’s named after my on in a million black lab that I lost at seven to cancer,” Sanson explained. “She’s been in every menu at every restaurant but it was time to name my restaurant after her since she led me to Riley Street with Rock-N-Fire and now back to Riley and Sutter. “


Sanson said the restaurant will not undergo any major changes requiring a lengthy closure. With the official change expected in October, he expects they may close for a day or two just for training staff. 

For those curious of what the menu will offer, Sanson has already launched the soon to be changed restaurant’s website, complete with a look at the menu at

Bill Sullivan
Author: Bill Sullivan

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