Earlier this year, the dining room and bar inside the Bacchus House dazzled Folsom residents as it transformed into a Hollywood caliber tribute to The Wizard of Oz. 


During the run of the display, a small series of special fundraising dinners were held to raise money for Shriners Hospital.

Earlier this week, Lee, Octavio and members of his staff made the trip to Shriners Hospital in Sacramento to present them with a check for $79,000.


“Thank you to everyone who journeyed over the rainbow with us this past summer. Because of your generous hearts, we were able to gift a child 7-10 days of critical care,” said Lee.  “On behalf of the Scarecrow, the Tin Man, and the Cowardly Lion, we express a big rainbow of gratitude to Alan Anderson and Joe Wilson of Shriners for their unending love and support of this project: The Wizard of Oz.”

While Lee, Octavio and the Bacchus House staff have always been known for their elaborate holiday décor and their love of helping others, the Wizard of Oz project involved many outside of the business that made it successful. Lee thanked many of those individuals at Tuesday’s event. 


We would like to thank Margaret Kuglar who held the keys to the Emerald City. To Ralph and Ingrid Dinwiddie, your courage, enormous heart, and diploma of generosity, helped us along the yellow brick road to get to the Wizard,” said Lee. “And to all of our wonderful merchants, all of our private donors, and to our loyal Bacchus House Bistro patrons–we could not have done it without you. On behalf of executive Chef Victor Octavio, myself, and my entire staff, we wish each and every one of you a very Merry Christmas and most joyous new year! Thank you for making spirits bright.

Adam Frick
Author: Adam Frick