There’s something for everyone at this weekend’s California Capital Airshow, including something specifically for young ladies with an interest in aviation. 

In a celebration of ambition and empowerment, Girls in Aviation International (GAI) is gearing up to host the 9th Annual Girls in Aviation Day this coming Saturday, Sept. 23 as part of the event that roars into Rancho Cordova. 


This worldwide annual event that is a component of the show, promises to inspire thousands of young girls, ages 8 to 18, to reach for the skies, quite literally.

One notable participant in this inspiring global event is Corporate Member CCA, who will be hosting a ‘Girls in Aviation’ extravaganza at the annual Airshow. This event is not just about watching planes in the sky; it’s a thrilling opportunity for young girls and their parents to learn about the vast possibilities that aviation, aerospace, and related career fields offer.


The event, open to girls accompanied by one parent, is completely free and runs from 9:30 am to 1:00 pm, coinciding with the Airshow. Participants can expect an action-packed schedule filled with immersive tours and engaging activities.

Each tour stop offers a unique glimpse into various aspects of the aviation world. Participants will have the privilege of learning from accomplished women leaders in the field who will provide a comprehensive overview of their careers. The tours, lasting between 30 to 45 minutes each, include the following demonstrations by a number of organizations that will converge at Mather AFB.


1. Travis AFB Crew- Flying the Big Stuff: Here, young aviation enthusiasts will discover the incredible world of military aviation, where pilots operate colossal aircraft.


2. UPS – Delivering the Goods Across the Globe: At UPS, they’ll explore the logistics behind global cargo delivery and learn about the vital role aviation plays in keeping the world connected.

3. Beale AFB – Flying and Maintaining Aircraft that Fly at the Edge of Space: Beale AFB will unveil the mysteries of high-altitude flight and the technology needed to operate aircraft at the edge of space.


4. CA National Guard – Defenders of Freedom and Couriers of Humanitarian Aid: The CA National Guard will showcase the critical role aviation plays in safeguarding our nation and delivering essential aid during crises.

5. Metro Fire – Cool Helo Chicks that Fight Fires: Young attendees will witness the bravery of female firefighters who utilize helicopters to battle blazes from the sky.

6. Mach 5 Aviation, Aerospace Museum of California & William Jessup University – Take the First Steps to Learning How to Fly an Airplane!: The grand finale offers a chance to take the first steps toward becoming a pilot, a dream come true for many young aviation enthusiasts.

But the excitement doesn’t end with the tours. Following the conclusion of these eye-opening experiences, attendees are invited to stay and enjoy the action-packed Airshow. This allows them to witness firsthand the mesmerizing aerobatics and precision flying that make aviation a truly remarkable field.

Girls in Aviation Day continues to be a beacon of hope and inspiration for young girls worldwide, showcasing the endless possibilities that await them in aviation and aerospace careers. With the support of organizations like Women in Aviation International and corporate participants like CCA, dreams of flight can become a reality for countless young aspiring aviators.

This Saturday, the sky is not the limit; it’s just the beginning for these enthusiastic girls, who are set to soar to new heights of possibility and potential.

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It’s not too late to get tickets for this weekend’s show but don’t wait too long, all tickets must be purchased online. Learn more by clicking one of their advertisements on the website or at their site at:

For more information about Girls in Aviation Day worldwide and event details, please visit GAI’s official website

Girls In Aviation Day

Mather Airport, Mather, CA

Saturday, September 23, 2023, 9am – 5pm

On Saturday, September 23rd, thousands of girls, ages 8-18, around the world will experience the 9th Annual Girls in Aviation Day hosted by Women in Aviation International (WAI) Chapters and Corporate Members. As a corporate member, CCA is hosting a ‘Girls in Aviation’ event at the annual Airshow.

Girls (ages 8-18) accompanied by one parent, are invited to experience this FREE EVENT to learn more about what their future may look like in aviation, aerospace, or related career fields as well as identify next steps to continue their education. 

Tours will take place from 9:30am-1:00pm inside the Airshow and will feature a career overview by a woman leader followed by participants getting to explore an exciting asset. Each stop will be 30-45 minutes, tours may include: 

  • Travis AFB – Flying the Big Stuff
  • UPS – Delivering the Goods Across the Globe
  • Beale AFB – Flying and Maintaining Aircraft that Fly at the Edge of Space
  • CA National Guard – Defenders of freedom and Couriers of humanitarian aid 
  • Metro Fire – Cool Helo Chicks that Fight Fires
  • Mach 5 Aviation, Aerospace Museum of California & William Jessup University – take the first steps to learning how to learn to fly an airplane!

After the conclusion of tours, attendees are invited to stay and enjoy the action-packed Airshow!

WAI Launches 9th Annual Girls in Aviation Day

Date posted

August 23, 2023

Posted By: Kelly Murphy Press Releases2023 Press Releases

August 23, 2023 – Thousands of girls, ages 8-18, around the world on September 23 will be able to experience the 9th Annual Girls in Aviation Day (GIAD) in their local communities through unique events hosted by Women in Aviation International (WAI) chapters and corporate members. WAI will continue to offer additional virtual resources, activities, information, and instructional videos via the free Aviation for Girls app.

Already more than 150 events are planned at airports, FBOs, museums, and hangars across the U.S., Canada, Europe, Africa, and Asia. Some 30,000 girls will be introduced to the career and lifestyle possibilities in aviation and aerospace through meeting female role models, career panels, exploring airplanes and airports, and a host of hands-on, fun, and educational activities ranging from sectional chart scavenger hunts, to exploring the Moon and Mars research sites, to learning about aircraft engines and avionics with maintenance technicians. 

To enjoy the full Girls in Aviation Day experience, while supplies last, WAI event hosts will offer free activity kits to participants featuring a Girls in Aviation Day backpack filled with Aviation for Girls 2023 Issue 2, a propeller activity, an aviation sectional chart, a WAI sticker, a glitter tattoo, the new WAI Career Guide titled The Sky is Unlimited, and a bandana. Additionally, caps, keychains, and GIAD T-shirts for adults and children are available for a small cost. Kids who don’t have access to an in-person event can download the Aviation for Girls app for free to participate in a virtual Girls in Aviation Day.

“Thanks to the generous support of our partners, Women in Aviation International has significantly expanded this one-day event to reach girls interested in aviation and aerospace year-round through our Aviation for Girls program,” says WAI Interim CEO Stephanie Kenyon. “As a part of this comprehensive youth STEM education program, we launched a new, free Junior membership for girls and boys 18 years and younger so they can enjoy all the WAI benefits and resources, including the ability to apply for up to three WAI scholarships. We know Girls in Aviation Day has been instrumental in introducing opportunities in aviation and STEM to thousands of participants all around the world.”

New for 2023, WAI has published The Sky is Unlimited: Careers in Aviation and Aerospace that will be included in each GIAD Activity Kit and will be available on the Aviation for Girls app as well as the WAI website at

To find a GIAD event near you, visit Additional information and updates about Girls in Aviation Day is available at

About Girls in Aviation Day: Since WAI’s first international Girls in Aviation Day in 2015, the annual WAI event has grown every year since its first gathering of 32 events and 3,200 participants. In 2019, GIAD met more than 20,000 attendees participating in 119 events in 18 countries. In 2020­—owing to COVID-19—WAI launched version 1 of the Aviation for Girls app with hours of educational content reaching thousands of girls from more than 60 countries. Last year’s GIAD reached more than 16,000 participants in 19 countries at over 120 events presented worldwide.

Many thanks to our 2023 Girls in Aviation Day partners and donors, without whom this education program would not be possible.  Our supporters include the Conrad N. Hilton Foundation, JetBlue Foundation, PPG Foundation, SkyWest Airlines, Southwest Airlines, Sporty’s Pilot Shop, Baylor Institute for Air Science, Conoco Phillips, and the Emanual Bachmann Foundation.


Women in Aviation International is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization dedicated to increasing the number of women involved in all areas of aviation and aerospace. For more information, contact WAI at or visit

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