The Mother Lode Epic Mountain Bike Race lived up to its name Saturday as riders embarked on a challenging journey from Coloma to Folsom for the 7th annual event, all of which culminated in a post-race celebration in Historic Folsom. The event, presented by Clipped in for Life, featured four timed stages over a 32-mile course, including a unique boat transfer across Folsom Lake.

Topping some 300 riders, cyclist Timmy Baur ended the day with the fastest combined time overall Saturday. Competing in the pro open men’s class, Baur crossed the finish line at Beal’s Point just before the noon hour on Saturday with a four stage combined time of 208:56 In the pro open women’s class, local rider Camille Smith was the top rider with a 2:25:16 at the end of the day. 


The race began with participants being shuttled from Historic Folsom to Coloma. From there, riders navigated through oak woodlands and rolling hills, taking in the scenic beauty of the American River. The race was broken down into the following stages: Stage 1: Coloma to Pilot Hill; Stage 2: Pilot Hill to Salmon Falls; Stage 3: Salmon Falls to Folsom Lake Peninsula; Stage 4: Granite Bay to Folsom, following a boat transfer across Folsom Lake.

In between stages, racers enjoyed aid stations with hydration, refreshments, music, and entertainment. The boat transfer across Folsom Lake added an exciting twist to this year’s event, allowing participants to experience the course in a unique way. 


The final racing stage concluded at Beals Point, where riders crossed he official finish line and then cooled off. From there, many of then participants enjoyed a nice downhill back to Historic Folsom. The post-race festivities included exploring the local scene and enjoying recovery meals at various restaurants along Sutter Street along with live music at the Historic Folsom Amphitheater where the race awards ceremony wrapped things in the evening. Upon their arrival into the Historic District, riders got a glimpse of future racers as well, as the Balanced Bike Bash for youngsters was taking place on Sutter Street all at the same time, drawing a crowd of spectators that cheered the riders on, both young and adult.

Top racers in each category received custom Mother Lode Epic podium awards, and the fastest racer in each stage category received a custom Stage Winner race plate. The race, a 39-mile epic trail/XC event with 32 miles of racing, proved challenging and rewarding for experienced riders.


Clipped in For Life ensured each racer received custom race schwag, post-race beverages and food at participating Historic Folsom restaurants, opportunities to win individual stage and overall podium prizes from sponsors, full support on the point-to-point route, and live music and awards at the Historic Folsom Amphitheater. With the event limited to 300 participants, the Mother Lode Epic Mountain Bike Race successfully combined competitive achievement with social adventure, creating an unforgettable experience for all involved. 


In addition to the top riders of the men’s and women’s pro open class on Saturday, many winners were celebrated for their success in their respective divisions at Saturday’s awards presentation. The podium finishers of each class were as follows: 

Results 2024 Motherlode Epic Mountain Bike Race
Pro/Open Men

Timmy Bauer – 2:08:56.95
Lief Yergensen – 2:12:39.80
Evan Rudd – 2:13:34.58

Pro/Open Women
Camille Smith – 2:12:32.27
Megan Brinkmeyer – 2:14:31.73
Emma Briggs – 2:41:03.34

Single Speed Open
Nicolas Jimenez – 2:11:26.77
Cole Kersey – 2:18:53.50
Matthew Wetter – 2:20:17.22

Steven Serkanic – 3:20:28.57
Alec McDonald – 3:32:15.64
Erik Gholson – 3:39:53.21

Men 16 & Under
Carson Klotz – 2:09:46.19
Connor Bilodeau – 2:11:41.02
Ryan Axtell – 2:13:45.46

Men 17-19
Owen Gillette – 2:44:03.71
Dylan Wing – 2:44:08.45
Ryder Williams – 2:44:43.72

Men 20-32
Kyle Kroeker – 2:31:10.45
Colin Ellsworth – 2:40:32.43
Andrew Fink – 2:47:12.66

Men 33-38
Todd Norwood – 2:17:12.84
Greg Young – 2:31:20.94
Pancho Gomez – 2:31:21.10

Men 39-43
Erik Nelson – 2:19:20.03
James Howard – 2:21:42.02
Justin Paulson – 2:28:34.28

Men 44-48
William Kemper – 2:27:12.07
Adam Koch – 2:31:13.73
Jonathan Cerrona – 2:35:40.90
Mother Lode Epic Team Results
2-Person Male Team
The Old Guys
Overall Time: 3:13:20.2
Team Members: Pete Conlin and Daniel Hill

Overall Time: 3:31:08.5
Team Members: Sam Killou and Matt Rau

Team SMF
Overall Time: 3:46:02.4
Team Members: Scott Birch and Andrew Durkee

2-Person Female Team
Girl Stoke
Overall Time: 3:43:03.4
Team Members: Libby Conlin and Nikki Peterson

Dirt Sister Duo
Overall Time: 3:53:07.6
Team Members: Courtney Fisher and Angela Robbins

2-Person Coed Team
Team Pacos
Overall Time: 3:32:00.9
Team Members: Sean Aguilar and Margie Lapoint

Motherboy Epic
Overall Time: 3:33:54.8
Team Members: Erin Howard and Heath Howard

Just Finish
Overall Time: 4:29:44.1
Team Members: Malia Martin and Christopher Martin.
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After crossing the finish line at Beal’s Poin, riders rode into Historic Folsom Saturday for post race celebrations. Folsom Times Photos: Bill Sullivan