El Dorado Irrigation District (EID) has issued a warning of a possible water outage or low pressure in El Dorado Hills. The potential service disruption is due to leak at the intersection of Green Valley Road and Francisco Boulevard and the forthcoming repairs needed. A repair is scheduled for Thursday, January 4, to address this issue. EID will inform customers who might be affected.


Customers will be notified about the outage through phone or email, using the contact details EID has. The repair work, dependent on weather conditions, will impact areas near Green Valley Road and Francisco Drive in El Dorado Hills. Around 80 customers may be affected.

The repair is set to start at 6 amThursday, January 4, and should be completed by midnight. During this time, customers might experience low water pressure or no water service. EID advises customers to use water only for essential needs or draw enough water before the outage.


EID also cautions that if the water looks cloudy or dirty, it should not be used for drinking, cooking, or personal hygiene. Once the pressure is back to normal, customers might notice slight discoloration or air in the water. To fix this, customers should let an outside tap run until the water is clear.

EID uses mapping technology to identify potentially affected customers. If a customer hasn’t been notified and their property isn’t on the affected area map, they can ignore the notice. But if a customer wasn’t notified and their property is on the map, they should call Customer Service at 530-642-4000 to update their contact details.

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