Units from the Folsom, Sacramento Metropolitan and El Dorado Hills Fire Departments have been busy battling a vegetation fire along Iron Point Road in Folsom this afternoon. The fire scorched approximately five acres and sent one firefighter to the hospital with injuries.

Units were originally dispatched to the incident at 11:36 a.m. after reports of a visible fire along westbound Highway 50 west of Prairie City Road. Upon arrival, crews reported the fire was moving at a moderate rate of spread. A total of six engines were originally dispatched to the scene along with a helicopter attack.


As of 12:11 p.m. firefighters have stopped the forward progress of right-side flank of the fire and are were reportedly making process on the full containment. Eastbound Iron Point Road remains closed at this time as firefighters are accessing the area from the roadway. Traffic is being impacted on westbound Highway 50 as well so expect delays in the area and the California Highway Patrol is on scene with traffic control.  Firefighters are working the fire from both Highway 50 and Iron Point Road.

Firefighters battle the Iron Point Fire on land and from the air. Folsom Times Video: Bryan Greenwalt.

Incident command is set up at Iron Point Road and Black Diamond Way. At this time there are no evacuations or immediate threat to residential structures. Structure protection is underway near several commercial properties. At this time there have been no reports of the initial cause of the fire, although it appears it ignited close to the westbound lane of Highway 50 before it began traveling south towards Iron Point Road.


This is a developing story we will update ad the incident develops below:

12:36 p.m. Firefighters on the ground are directing air support to do additional drops on a large brush area that contains an abundance of poison oak.


12:37 p.m. Incident command reports that crews are gaining ground containing the left flank of the fire and keeping up with a spot fire east of the main incident.


12:38 p.m. Request made for additional 400 feet of hose to be laid as fire mop up will be extensive once containment is reached. Request for assistance from Folsom Prison work crews to assist with forthcoming mop up.

12:49 p.m.: All forward progress reported has stopped. Air support to remain on incident to assist with spot fires and active fires remaining within the burn area.


12:57 p.m.: Air support has notified ground crews that the fire has flared up and is climbing out of its permitter on the left flank and is climbing into an area of pine trees to the east. Units on the ground be advised to move equipment out of the fire’s path while air support does additional drops.

1:06 p.m.: Air support reports active fire is backing down with the latest round of air drops.

1:07 p.m.: Fire mapping from the air reports the fire area to be approximately 5.4 acres.

1:33 p.m.: Firefighters have gained control of the fire again and are focused on keeping it within its perimeter.

2:20 p.m.: All active fire reported to be extinguished. Fire crews to begin extensive mop up into the evening. Additional ground crews have arrived to assist with mop up.

FINAL: Firefighters remained on scene for just over 6 hours to complete mop up. One firefighter was injured in the firefight. Per Folsom Battalion Chief Nick Lawler, the firefighter was treated and released.

Folsom Times Photos by Bryan Greenwalt

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