EL DORADO HILLS- A quick response by two different fire agencies prevented a fire from getting out of hand late Monday night in El Dorado Hills. 

Shortly after 11 p.m. on Monday, July 9,  dispatchers at the 911 service center received reports of a vehicle fire off of Highway 50 just above the Bass Lake grade in El Dorado Hills. 


Units from both the El Dorado Hills Fire Department and the Amador-El Dorado unit of CalFire responded to the call.  Upon arrival, firefighters discovered not only a vehicle that was fully engulfed in flames, but a vegetation fire surrounding the burning car as well.

The crew from El Dorado Hills Fire’s Engine 86 was able to handle the blaze with a quick attack on both the vegetation and the vehicle that was destroyed in the incident. The occupants of the vehicle reportedly managed to escape without injury. 


The location of the incident has been a common spot as of late for vehicle fires, as many overheated or experience mechanical issues while ascending the Bass Lake Grade in hot weather.  

A vehicle fire can break out and expand very quickly, the El Dorado Hills Fire Department has offered several safety tips to remember if you find yourself experiencing a vehicle fire.


1. Stay calm and pull over to a safe location.


2. Turn off the engine to prevent fuel from feeding the fire.

3. Evacuate yourself and all passengers from the vehicle quickly.


4. Move to a safe location at least 100 feet away from the vehicle.

5. Do not attempt to extinguish the fire yourself unless you’re trained and equipped to do so.

6. Call 911 immediately and provide your location and details.

It’s been a very busy week for firefighters locally and across the region as high temperatures have impacted fire conditions. Triple digit weather is expected to continue until the weekend.

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