Folsom Ranch, Briggs Ranch sport plenty of red,white and blue on holiday 

Folsom celebrates the Fourth of July in many ways, and it’s not always with rodeo stars or fireworks, it’s also amongst neighbors on the streets of their communities in their very own foot parades that bring neighbors together in patriotic spirit.

Thursday morning the neighborhoods of both Folsom Ranch and Briggs Ranch came alive with the vibrant colors of red, white, and blue as residents gathered for their annual community celebrations, decorating their bikes, pets and even themselves as they hit the street to March with excitement, big smiles and plenty of community pride.


In Folsom Ranch on the south side of Folsom, families and friends converged at Mangini Ranch Elementary School for their second annual Fourth of July Bike Parade. The effort is led by local mortgage loan specialist and resident Scott Davenport who kick started the event last year, giving the south side of Folsom something to build upon similar to those on the other side of the highway that have been long successful

Just before 10 a.m. the school grounds buzzed with excitement as participants, some who adorned their bikes, trikes, and scooters with stars and stripes and more, showcased their creativity and American pride. At 10:00 a.m. the parade kicked off with spectators also lining the street. 


Led by a wave of enthusiastic cyclists, the parade wound its way through Sparrow Drive and beyond, spreading joy and community spirit with every pedal. Residents young and old joined in, waving flags and exchanging greetings with neighbors along the route.

It wasn’t just a parade; it was a celebration of unity and freedom, a testament to the close-knit community that defines the newly occupied Folsom Ranch south of Highway 50.


Briggs Ranch continues long tradition


Meanwhile, on the north side of Folsom Street, Briggs Ranch continued its time-honored tradition of Independence Day festivities. Residents took to the streets, dressed in an array of patriotic outfits. From classic red, white, and blue attire to imaginative costumes adorned with stars and stripes, the neighborhood was again home to plenty of patriotic spirit among friends and neighbors. 

Participants sharing laughs and camaraderie as walkers and cyclists made their way through Briggs Ranch. The neighbors parade has been taking place in Briggs Ranch for decades.

This year the event was a hit again, drawing hundreds to the streets for a fun morning celebration that was originally started decades ago by resident Roberta Campbell and is promoted and organized today by local realtor Lucy Righini along with mortgage specialist Evangeline Scott, both residents of the community as well.


As the morning unfolded in both neighborhood, it wasn’t just about the parades—it was about coming together as a community, forging bonds, and celebrating the holiday.

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Folsom Times photos by Bill Sullivan, Adam Frick and Megan Demmel