The Folsom Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors voted today to support a citizen-led initiative to address Folsom’s revenue problem by placing a one-percent sales tax on the November ballot, saying the proposal offers benefits for the business community and Folsom as a whole. 

“None of us like the word ‘tax,’ but this is our home, and the city has a revenue shortfall, one that could impact our public safety and quality of life,” said Steve Heard, Folsom Chamber Board Chair, in a press release from the Folsom Chamber. “Those problems haven’t fully materialized yet, but you can see them creeping in on the fringes of our community already and now is the time to take action.” 


Key to the chamber’s support was the fact that all funds from this measure will stay in Folsom, and that as a “special tax,” it dedicates specific funds that can only be used to address issues like homelessness and crime prevention, traffic congestion, fire and emergency services, as well as community enhancement programs that attract visitors and shoppers. The measure also requires funds be dedicated to investments in economic development that will attract more businesses, jobs, and revenue to Folsom.  

Estimates from the city’s finance department suggest the proposal would raise $29 million annually, none of which could be taken by the state or county. 


Provisions in the measure that prohibit funds from being used to enhance pensions, and require creation of a Citizens Oversight Committee to monitor and report to the public on how funds are used were also key to the Board’s support.  One of the biggest factors, however, was the need for enhanced public safety.   

“We are acutely aware of the financial requirements that our city demands in order to uphold the high quality of life we all cherish,” remarked Joe Gagliardi, President and CEO of the Folsom Chamber. “Sustaining this exceptional quality of life necessitates increased revenues, ensuring that Folsom continues to be an attractive hub for residents, professionals, shoppers, diners, visitors, and businesses alike.”


The citizen group, operating as “Folsom Takes Action” to collect the 7,000 signatures needed to place the measure on the November 2024 ballot. Several signature gathering events are planned in the coming weeks: 

  • January 16:  Pete’s Brewhouse, 6608 Folsom Auburn Rd., 4pm-7pm 
  • January 20:  Historic District Farmers Market 9am – 12 pm 
  • January 23:  Scarlet’s Saloon, 614 Sutter Street, 5:30pm – 7:30 pm 
  • January 26:  House of Mules, 13385 Folsom Blvd., #900,  5pm – 8pm 
  • Jan. 13, 20, 27:  Andy Morin Sports Complex, 66 Clarksville Rd., 9 am – 3 pm
  • February 2: Granite School 909 Mormon Street, 8 am – 9:30 am

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