In November of 2019, the retail space at 727B Sutter Street in Historic Folsom had plastic covering the windows and art that hinted something beautiful was happening inside. In fact, owners John and Tahni Voelz were in the space creating a creative and artistic quasi-Victorian space that looked like Tim Burton had kids with Harry Potter. 

In 2020, days before the pandemic, John and Tahni opened Reset: Cafe by Day. Through the ups and downs, twists and turns, changing rules, rising costs, supply-chain snafus, and what John likes to call “regulations roulette,” Reset proved to be a consistent haven for Folsom. Reset launched community events, regularly supported weekly live music, hosted Afternoon Tea, and continued to turn out award-winning food and drinks earning them multiple accolades from local and regional media outlets. 


In November of 2022, almost exactly three years after they got the keys to the space, Reset handed over operations to a new Folsom restaurant venture, “The Folsom Cafe” and officially closed escrow in February 2023. The change prompted many questions from the Folsom community about the nature of the change and what is next for owners John and Tahni Voelz.

From the outside, Reset looked so successful. Why did you decide to sell?


If we opened the doors of Reset in November of 2022, Reset would have flourished. The cost to continue proved to be a too much, too little, too late situation for us. It took everything we had to stay open and keep our employees working.

Over a year ago, you sold your home in the Historic District and moved into a 30’ Airstream to try and save the business. Was it worth it?


Selling the home and everything we had was the last card to play to save the business and work toward profitability. We were able to pay off all our debt and keep the business open a few months longer. It was necessary.


Would you ever open another restaurant?

We have no desire to. We pursued a dream and made something beautiful in the community. We were able to be purveyors of hope through the pandemic. We made a lot of friends. We learned a lot about ourselves. In the end, it didn’t work as we imagined, but we took a risk that many only dream of. Now, we’re ready to move on to other dreams.


What is your next venture?

I (John) wrote a book that was published in November (Becoming an Idea Mentalist: The Unusual Perspectives, Practices, and Rituals of Idea People). I will speak and coach as we travel in connection with that material. I also do corporate mental health work that I can do from the road. Live music will continue to be a big part of our lives. Tahni operates an online original art business designed for Bullet Journalists called, Pen and Paperie

Are you moving out of the area?

We plan to travel full-time as we work. We have kids and grandkids in Folsom, kids and grandkids in Michigan, and kids in Toronto. We will spend way more time with the midwest family. But, we will still be in the Folsom area for a few months out of the year to be with family here. I have a few Folsom/EDH/Sacramento music shows lined up for June and July and Santa gigs are already booking up for November and December.

Will you play as you travel?

You bet. Play is a huge part of who we are no matter where we are. We have been knocking National Parks off our list for the last couple of decades. We are over halfway through the 63 (soon to be 64) parks. We plan to add plenty more this year.

How can people follow your journey on the road?

Please follow our Instagram at @Sundance_the_Airstream!

Longtime Folsom residents John and Tahni Voelz are headed for a new “reset,” as they like to call it, which is a 7 month journey across the country living in their Airstream trailer with many stops and tasks their itinerary.
Photo: John and Tahni Voelz

*Folsom Times would like to thank John and Tahni Voelz for contributing their work and time into this article about their “next reset.”