Congressman Kevin Kiley paid a visit to the Folsom Fire Department Station recently to award certificates of congressional recognition to firefighters who went “above and beyond the call of duty” after saving the life of a local dog that was rescued from a burning residence earlier this month.

Kiley formally recognized the firefighters for rescuing and providing immediate care to a dog that was limp, lethargic, and suffered burns. The dog was rescued from a structure fire in the Historic District.


He also awarded the congressional honor to Julia Romanelli, a Girl Scout in 10th grade, who donated pet oxygen masks to the department in late 2020 as part of her “silver award” project that aims to make a lasting difference in the community. 

Romanelli was reportedly inspired to make the donation after learning that fire departments are not permitted to use tax dollars to purchase equipment that isn’t aimed at saving human lives. The only way they can get the pet oxygen masks is through donations.

Adam Frick
Author: Adam Frick