Tickets now on sale at various retailers for event slated for April 27-28

Spring is in the air and the many volunteers of the Folsom Garden Club, along with the featured homeowners, are gearing up for the upcoming 22nd annual Garden Tour, taking place on April 27th and 28th. This highly anticipated event has been a staple in the community spanning two decades, showcasing some of the most beautiful gardens in the Folsom area.


The Garden Tour will feature several stunning gardens, each with its own unique style and personality. From colorful flower beds to carefully manicured lawns and unique features. As usual, visitors will be treated to a diverse range of landscapes and gardening techniques as well as the incredible work of local homeowners who have spent countless hours cultivating and nurturing their outdoor spaces, getting ready for the upcoming event every chance they have between the inclement weather. 

While the rains make it challenging on the gardeners, they are sure to produce a bounty of blooms by show day. 


The gardens vary from large to small and feature a variety of colors, textures, patios, pools and waterfalls. People will be able to gather ideas for their own gardens and create a sanctuary all their own. Artists and Master Gardeners will be present at several homes as well as many fun vendors, food trucks and other additions to make for a fulfilling day out. 

The annual Garden Tour is an event that is perfect for individuals of all gardening interest levels. Whether you’re an experienced gardener or just starting out, there is something for everyone to enjoy.  Visitors can take a leisurely stroll through each garden, learning about the unique features and techniques used to create them. 


There will also be opportunities to purchase plants and gardening supplies, with all proceeds benefiting the Folsom Garden Club. Tickets for the event at $20 for all attendees over the age of 16.


Tickets for the Garden Tour will be available online and can also be purchased at the event. Proceeds from ticket sales go directly towards supporting the Folsom Garden Club’s efforts to provide college scholarships, grants and community projects.

Tickets are set to go on sale beginning April 1 at select locations as well as


Locations that will be selling tickets on site beginning April 1 will be as follows:

American River Ace Hardware – 9500 Greenback Ln. #10 – Folsom 

The Blossom Shop – 47 Natoma St. – Folsom

Bushnell Nursery – 5255 Douglas Blvd. – Granite Bay 

Green Acres – 205 Serpa Way – Folsom

Not Too Shabby – 702Sutter St. – Folsom 

Tickets will also be available on days of the tour 10:45am–3pm Saturday, 10:45am-1pm Sunday at: Garden No. 2 – 118 Buck Circle in Folsom

The Folsom Garden Club has provided a sneak peek of some of the local participants on this year’s show. Take a look of what is ahead:

657 Avalanche Peak Way

Despite living in a Mediterranean style house mother and daughter gardening team Kaye and Megan prefer an English style garden. So, what you see in this beautiful garden is a delightful mix of the two very different styles. In the front, purple lantana, olive trees and Italian cypress line the path and lead you to an Old-World courtyard complete with and iron gate. Through the back walkway you see citrus trees and a huge bird of paradise next to beds of peonies, day lilies and some of more than one hundred rose bushes planted on the property. A charming structure with wisteria twining up the posts holds four family size swings surrounding a firepit.

An ornate iron gazebo covered with a rambling jasmine vine sits near climbing roses growing on metal scroll work trellises. Along the back fence is a true English border. Planted with dahlia, alstroemeria, iris and of course, roses, it’s home to whimsical garden statues. Can you find all seven dwarves? Follow the circular decomposed granite path to the “stream” filled with ceramic fish. The side yard contains many varieties of fruit trees including a pomegranate covered with dark red fruit in fall. Irises, tulips, daffodils, and crocus pop up in springtime to create a colorful cutting garden. Even though the house, with its pale stucco walls and iron work designs looks more at home in Italy, the garden is pure English countryside.

118 Buck Circle

When Becky Horan, and her family, moved to this house, she was able to obtain something that she always wanted: a front porch! In fact, along with the charming front area, the house has three other beautiful outside living spaces. As an Outdoor Living Designer Becky not only has the use of these wonderful areas, but she also gets to use them as a showroom for her clients! Keeping her focus on details such as furniture, décor and functionality, Becky chooses landscaping for its low maintenance and ability to enhance the hardscape. For example, as you enter the backyard the rectangular, black, panels behind the pool are covered with bougainvillea along with fast-growing laurel that provides an artistic touch along with needed privacy.

Beautiful, tough, and highly functional all-weather furniture sits under an aluminum patio roof cleverly attached above the house gives much needed height and provides a built-in feel. Modular outdoor “kitchen” cabinets, that can be moved around to suit the needs of the hostess allow for function and style. Around the side of the house are two more outdoor spaces. Accessible from the house through sliding doors, these private gardens are leafy food forests! Raspberries and blueberries grow in decorative black planters and tomatoes thrive in a sunny microclimate.  Next to a pretty pergola are strawberries growing in boxes made from an old, repurposed swing set. It’s easy to see how beauty and functionality can go together and make outdoor living easy and accessible. Visit Becky’s website at

1124 River Rock Drive

Located on a quiet street lined with mature trees this garden has a beautiful view of the natural open parkway. In the front, large, square, stone pavers lead you through plantings of low maintenance manzanita, lavender, and grevillea to an open seating area complete with a gas firepit. Walk through the gate to the back and note how the homeowner cleverly uses a large deck and rock terracing to maximize the use of the space and view the surrounding oak parkland. In the hot, sunny lower area, terraced with moss rocks are roses, geranium, agapanthus, and an olive tree.

A Zen Garden and pretty bird bath, tucked in corners at different levels, show off the various garden spaces. Extended at the level of the house, the extensive deck allows for entertaining and enjoying the pretty views. Covered seating areas filled with pots of bird of paradise and sago palm, allow year-round enjoyment. Clever shade sails slide open so you can gaze at the stars while you enjoy the hot tub. Borrowing the idea from a previous garden tour, Marina had rectangular decorative screens made and then continued the theme of right angles and squares in the multiple small decks and arbors placed under the trees. What was once just mulch is now aggregate and pebble walkways that connect these unique decks to the main seating area. With its beautiful calming views this garden is a perfect place to enjoy the outdoors from all angles.

815 Comstock Drive

When the Kingsley’s bought this house in 2008 for Jo’s mother the couple immediately started working on the property. During visits to care for her mom, Jo was able to both imagine and create new and wonderful ways to enhance the garden space. Jo’s talent as an artist and is evident throughout. Note how the color of the house mirrors that of the two flowering cherry trees and decomposed granite in the front garden. Follow the path around the side and see the collection of terracotta pots filled with geraniums, artistically grouped together.

The unique gate, designed by Jo, shows her love of Mexican art. Do you see the cacti on the top? Once in the garden, you’re under the rustic pergola that creates a cozy seating area.  A shade sail, cleverly placed, allows ferns and succulents to thrive near the fountain. Lining the walkway are citrus trees and a beautiful Mexican petunia.  Rocks, collected in the garden, form a serene area circling a rusty globe firepit that Jo calls “the circle of trust”. Growing along the back wall are lavender, salvia, loropetalum, African daisy, and crape myrtle that bloom throughout the year in purples and pinks. A cozy shed houses Jo’s painting and sewing studio, a perfect place to quietly create or just relax and admire this beautiful, calming garden.

Gladys’ Garden – across the street from 815 Comstock

Years ago, when Folsom Garden Club members were looking for a community garden location, Gladys generously allowed a portion of her private property to be used. Originally just meant for Garden Club members it is now open to neighbors on the street. Over the years handy individual water spigots have been added and each garden bed gets its own personal name tag.

Various garden style methods are tried out here including hugel (lasagna gardening) and Olla pots. A butterfly garden is being created in the back compost area and there’s even a bee B&B. Occasionally, a friendly neighborhood cat will wander into the garden and keep you company. Retro garden chairs are grouped around common areas allowing for time to relax and visit after digging in the dirt. The garden beds are now worked by folks from 8 years old to over 80 keeping Gladys’ community garden dream alive!

328 Marsh Hawk Drive

This garden, part of the 2017 garden tour, has just gotten better!  In the front garden, surrounding a stone walkway and water feature are plants specifically placed to attract hummingbirds and butterflies. “Hot Lips” and black sage, lantana, loropetalum and agapanthus are just a few of the flowering shrubs that create both beauty and food for these creatures. Move on through the gate and see colorful stained concrete and an enormous gardenia hedge.

Displayed under the dappled shade of a pear tree is Paul’s hobby, bonsai trees, cleverly placed on wooden stands. More bonsai trees can be found in the greenhouse allowing for year-round enjoyment of his hobby. A large Japanese maple, surrounded by lily turf thrives in the shade. More colorful stamped concrete leads up to a round seating area next to a cheerful waterfall and koi pond. Here you can sit and watch hummingbirds buzzing around the multitude of flowers and feeders. Go through the archway covered with a lush trumpet vine and see shade loving hydrangea, camellia, and star jasmine.  Follow the slate and pebble path, bordered by stones covered with variegated ivy, to Joanne’s secret Zen Garden. Tucked into this shady, secluded spot, it’s a perfect place to unwind and daydream in the garden. 

737 Morningside Court

This garden is an example of how a small space can be transformed into an exquisite work of art. A collection of artistically shaped cedars, pines, spruce, and juniper trees are grouped together in a harmonious feast for the eye giving the space a Japanese garden feel. Each plant is carefully selected for its shape and growth habit. Notice in the front how a weeping Blue Atlas cedar, carefully and patiently trained, twists and curves and finally forms a fringy arbor. Enter the courtyard and enjoy the feeling of being in a grotto. Cleverly placed triangular shaped slate stones look like “mountains” and draw your eye towards the log shaped fountain covered in wire vine and trailing ivy.

Stone slabs, placed on top of round river rocks, create whimsical stands for potted palms and conifers. As you enter the backyard and walk along the open, iron fencing, enjoy the gorgeous views of the natural open woodland behind the house. Huge boulders and oak trees are visible through the artistic “holes” cut in the shrubbery. Birds, squirrels and even deer have been seen peeking through the “framed” openings. Hundreds of carefully placed stones, gently trained conifers and delicate Japanese Maples create a calm carefully tended feel that can be seen throughout the patio space. There is even room for a tiny herb garden nestled in a pretty planter. All these beautiful artistic details, tucked into every corner, make this garden a true delight!

810 Willow Creek Drive

When Michelle saw this house, she knew that the garden would fulfill two of her favorite passions: flower arranging and growing her own food. While many gardens have small select areas for summer tomatoes, this garden is completely dedicated to growing flowers, herbs, and vegetables. In the front a large tree was removed to make room for an orchard. Apple, peach, nectarine, plum and apricot trees grow among rosemary, lamb’s ears, zinnias, and globe amaranth.

Careful attention to the needs of bees, birds and butterflies earned this space a “Certified Wildlife Garden” certificate from the National Wildlife Federation. In the sunny side yard, the starts for ranunculus, snapdragons, Bells of Ireland and hollyhock can be seen emerging from the soil. Throughout the garden other flowers for cutting can be found. Sunflowers and nigella are just a few of the blooms used in Michelle’s floral bouquets. In the back garden, space is dedicated to citrus trees, edible pineapple sage and of course a variety of vegetables. Note up on the retaining wall a clever arbor that supports sweet peas in winter and butternut squash in the summer. Wine barrels, grouped together in the center of the yard are bursting with assorted herbs that thrive year- round. As her family’s needs change so will the available space in this garden – Oh the possibilities! 

Tickets are set to go on sale beginning April 1 at select locations as well as