Several community leaders, current residents and past residents joined members of the Folsom Cordova School District Monday evening at Folsom Middle School for a special dedication and facility naming facility. 

The recently completed recreational center at Folsom Middle School now has a new name that was revealed during Monday’s event, the Robert Mange Recreational Center. The new facility on campus is named after one of its longtime dedicated educators.


“We gather to celebrate the ongoing dedication of Bob Mange, a pillar in the community,” said FCUSD Superintendent Dr. Sarah Koligian as she addressed the standing room only event just outside of the recently completed facility. “For over three decades, he has devoted himself to the betterment of students within the Folsom Cordova Unified School District, leaving an indelible mark on countless lives.”

Folsom Times Video: See the entire unveiling ceremony honoring Robert Mange at Folsom Middle School

Starting his career in 1972 at Folsom High School, Mange has served many roles within the school district during his career. Among his positions was that of a biology teacher, science department chairperson, varsity baseball coach, school athletic director and more, all while being known as a devoted family man who was and continues to be engaged in the community. 


In 1982, Mange married his wife Cheri and the two have had the privilege of witnessing multiple generations of families grow, learn and thrive within the district over the decades.  Mange’s commitment to community extended beyond the school district many years ago as he began to support for numerous organizations. One of his most notable contributions to the community was the founding of the Folsom Athletic Association. 

Mange has been named Folsom’s Man of the Year two different times. He also earned titles of teacher of the year in both the FCUSD and Sacramento County in 1985. He later went on to be named the California Teacher of the Year one year later. In 1987 he assumed the role as principal at Folsom Middle School. During his term at the helm, he played a pivotal role in establishing an award winning teen center in partnership with the City of Folsom Parks and Recreation Department. 


In 1999 Mange was a key player in the opening of Sutter Middle School as he became its principal. His career, which is described as being “distinguished” by the FCUSD, culminated as the Director of Research, Testing and Assessment and Teacher Professional Development with the district. 


Mange retired from full time educating in 2006. Today, he continues to work as a substitute teacher and an administrator for the FCUSD.

Monday evening, the outside signage was revealed on the facility facing Blue Ravine Road. Prior to the uncovering of the sign, FCUSD Board of Education President David Reid welcomed all in attendance, some of which were former students of Mange’s or families of students. 


“This newly renovated facility, now known as the Robert Mange Recreational Center, will benefit students and the community for years to come,” David Reid, FCUSD Board President said.

“This newly renovated facility, now known as the Robert Mange Recreational Center, will benefit students and the community for years to come,” David Reid, FCUSD Board President said.

Current city leaders were on hand including Folsom Mayor Rosario Rodriguez and members of Council were on hand with many others. Folsom Fire Chief Ken Cusano and Choose Folsom CEO Joe Gagliardi were also among the many attendees, both now leaders in the city whom witnessed Mange educate the community when their children were in school. 

Folsom’s former Mayor Robert Holderness was also among the attendees. Koligian presented the keynote address before Mange approached the podium to accept the honors in his humble nature.

“Great leaders like our guest of honor, Bob Mange, have guided staff and amplified academic opportunities for quite literally thousands of students throughout the years,” Koligian said.

During his address Mange mentioned a long list of many families in Folsom in which he taught multiple generations of students within through the years and worked with in the community as an educator and a resident. 

“Students and families in this community are also a large part of any successes I may have had,” said Mange. “It takes a whole community to raise our children. Students and families in this community are a large part of any successes I may have had.”

After FCUSD Chief Operations Officer Matt Washburn offered an overview of the new facility, the signage was unveiled to a standing ovation. 

“I really want to thank our district and our city for this ceremony, “added Mange. “For me this is a great honor.  As I listen to the accomplishments and successes here tonight from others. I realize how lucky I have been”

Bill Sullivan
Author: Bill Sullivan

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