In a historic announcement that reverberates beyond the sports world, the Oakland Athletics have chosen West Sacramento’s Sutter Health Park as their home for the 2025-27 Major League Baseball (MLB) seasons. 

This win isn’t just about baseball; it’s a testament to the Greater Sacramento region’s determination, economic transformation and growing global reputation as a destination to live, work and do business.


NorCal’s team

The A’s made a lasting mark in the Bay Area for nearly six decades. Less than 90 miles from Oakland, the team’s temporary home in West Sacramento allows them to stay rooted in Northern California and play amongst their truest fans. Fans in Greater Sacramento will also experience the thrill of MLB closer to home, helping the loyal A’s fanbase to grow even larger. The A’s have always been about community and this move strengthens that ethos, extending the A’s family across Northern California.


Greater Sacramento is ready for MLB

As the region prepares to welcome the A’s, it’s ready to seize the opportunity to host a second major league sports franchise. This announcement is the culmination of years of determination to bring another major league sports team to the Greater Sacramento region. With its dynamic growth, public-private leadership and deeply passionate sports culture, the region presents an unmatched opportunity for major league sports.


A top media market


Ranked within the top 20 media markets nationally, reaching over 1.5 million households, Greater Sacramento’s burgeoning status as a media powerhouse cannot be understated. The region’s media market size surpasses that of Las Vegas and outnumbers the household count of six current MLB markets. This potential for an exclusive and enthusiastic fanbase is a home run for the A’s and future major league sports expansion teams.

A united-private front


Greater Sacramento Economic Council (GSEC), the world’s third-leading economic development organization, is the powerful thread between 22 municipalities and over 40 regional CEOs bringing together the best of both the public and private sectors. GSEC is ready to ensure a successful transition for the A’s and to secure another full-time major league franchise for the region.

A new era of transformation

For the Greater Sacramento region, the arrival of the A’s is a moment of immense pride and potential. The economic and social impact of hosting an MLB team, even temporarily, will catalyze the region’s economic momentum.

The A’s announcement follows a slew of transformational investments and accolades over the past two years, as the region growsto become one of the most successful markets in California. Named by Forbes as the #1 place to live in California, Greater Sacramento is an increasingly attractive market to live, work and do business. The region’s population grew 3.5% from 2018-2023, more than Los Angeles, San Francisco and San Diego.

Greater Sacramento has also seen skyrocketing investment and growth across its industries. The region is a magnet for global semiconductor leaders. Over the past two years, SK Hynix-subsidiary Solidigm brought its global headquarters to Rancho Cordova, Bosch invested $1.5 billion to establish its first U.S. chip manufacturing facility in Roseville (the largest semiconductor investment in California) and Samsung opened a semiconductor R&D office in Folsom employing 50 engineers. 

The region is also the #2 U.S. market for life science growth. In 2022, Series D Bay Area biotech company Orca Bio built a 100,000-square-foot facility to manufacture cell therapies in Sacramento. UC Davis is also opening its $1.5 billion life science research park in the heart of Sacramento in 2025.

As the Greater Sacramento region embarks on this journey with the A’s, it stands ready to embrace this extraordinary opportunity to demonstrate its passion for sports and capabilities to host another major league franchise. The region is not just offering the A’s a new temporary home. It’s paving its path to the major leagues.

Content source: Greater Sacramento Economic Council The Greater Sacramento Economic Council is the catalyst for innovative growth strategies in the Capital Region of California. The organization spearheads community-led direction to retain, attract, grow and scale tradable sectors, develop advanced industries and create jobs and investment throughout a six-county region. Greater Sacramento represents a collaboration between local and state governments, market leaders, influencers and stakeholders, with the sole mission of driving inclusive economic growth. The Greater Sacramento region was founded on discovery, built on leadership and fueled by innovation

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