Placerville, CA…Shane Golobic has won some big races in his career at Placerville Speedway on Saturday night the Fremont native added another, by racing to victory in the 21st annual Tribute to Al Hinds. 

Joining Golobic in victory lane on Saturday were Anthony Slaney with the Mountain Democrat Ltd. Late Models, Kevin Jinkerson with the Red Hawk Casino Pure Stocks and Mike Reeder with the Nor-Cal Dwarf Car Association. A strong crowd filled the grandstands and a packed pit area of 87 cars total helped us honor former Promoter Al Hinds at the event. 


The 30-lap Thompson’s Family of Dealerships main event started out with Rio Linda’s Isaiah Vasquez setting a torrid pace up front in the Rod Tiner owner No. 83sa machine. The action was fast and furious in the feature with several movers and shakers throughout. Golobic bided his time early while utilizing his veteran experience and then pounced following a lap seven restart. 

As Golobic now sat out front, 14th starting Landon Brooks had been making moves and drove up to second by the time a caution waved on lap nine. When going back to green Golobic held a steady lead until the race started to wind down. Brooks found speed late and closed right up on the leader with seven laps remaining, but tripped on the cushion, which gave Golobic the breathing room he needed. 


After that all eyes on were on a tremendous battle for second that featured Brooks and 10th starting Dylan Bloomfield, along with 16th starter Justin Sanders right in the mix as well. 

Golobic went on to accept the checkered flag for the $2,500 top prize and his 14thcareer Winged 360 triumph at Placerville Speedway. Bloomfield, Brooks, Sanders and Tanner Carrick completed the top-five. Rounding out the top-10 were Bubba Decaires, Shane Hopkins, Michael Faccinto, Tony Gomes and Joel Myers Jr. A stout field of 36 Sprint Cars competed at the Tribute to Al Hinds. 


The Mountain Democrat Ltd. Late Models contested their second race of the season, and it was a first-time winner with Anthony Slaney bringing home the win. Rod Oliver hopped out to the early lead before Slaney overtook him on lap five. The Martinez driver then had his way with things up front and took the victory over Rod Oliver, Jay Norton, Tyler Lightfoot and Ray Trimble. 


The Red Hawk Casino Pure Stocks showcased some of the best racing during the night, thrilling the crowd with several cars having a shot at victory in the main event. Orangevale’s Tommy Sturgeon was blazing fast early on and led the way over the Jinkerson brothers, Kevin and Dan. 

Right around the halfway mark though Kevin Jinkerson sliced his way to the lead. Sturgeon stayed right with him until car issues ultimately left him parked on the infield. The closing circuits saw Kevin Jinkerson fend off brother Dan with Nick Baldwin right there in the hunt as well. 


At the line Kevin Jinkerson won out for his ninth career Placerville Speedway win. Dan Jinkerson came home second, followed by Baldwin, Tyler Lightfoot and Jason Palmer. 

The visiting Nor-Cal Dwarf Car Association began their 30th season competing at Placerville Speedway on Saturday night. In the end it was Placerville veteran Mike Reeder standing in victory lane for the first time in roughly 30-years at the track. 

Rocklin driver Kevin “Hollywood” Bender sat out front much of the race, as side by side competition was seen often behind him. With just a few laps left however, he appeared to get a bit tight, and Reeder took advantage, cutting past him to make the winning move. 

At the stripe in was Reeder over a fast-closing Kinser Endicott, Bender, Dylan Shrum and Shawn Whitney in the top-five. The remainder of the top-10 was filled out by Cody Shrum, Ben Wiesz, Dan Geil, Tim Dodson and Gage Meyers. A robust field of 27 Dwarf Cars competed at the Tribute to Al Hinds. 

Placerville Speedway returns to action this coming Saturday May 4th with First Responders Night. 



Placerville Speedway 
Tribute to Al Hinds
April 27, 2024

Winged Sprint Cars: 

1. 17W-Shane Golobic[2]; 2. 83V-Dylan Bloomfield[10]; 3. 94TH-Landon Brooks[14]; 4. 4SA-Justin Sanders[16]; 5. 83T-Tanner Carrick[3]; 6. 94-Greg Decaires V[8]; 7. 21-Shane Hopkins[9]; 8. X1-Michael Faccinto[11]; 9. 7C-Tony Gomes[6]; 10. 46JR-Joel Myers Jr[12]; 11. 42X-Justyn Cox[5]; 12. 88A-Austin Torgerson[18]; 13. 9-DJ Freitas[15]; 14. 8JR-Brian McGahan Jr[20]; 15. 45-Jake Morgan[13]; 16. 92-Andy Forsberg[4]; 17. 83SA-Isaiah Vasquez[1]; 18. 12J-John Clark[19]; 19. 2A-Austin Wood[17]; 20. 77-Ryan Lippincott[7]

Ltd. Late Models: 

1. 4X-Anthony Slaney[6]; 2. 57-Rod Oliver[2]; 3. 15J-Jay Norton[1]; 4. 23J-Tyler Lightfoot[4]; 5. 37-Ray Trimble[3]; 6. 22-Chris Mcginnis[9]; 7. 54-Matt Davis[7]; 8. 15-Dan Brown Jr[5]; 9. 25-Cole Ciraulo[8]; 10. (DNS) 777-Michael Anderson; 11. (DNS) 81-Bud Walberg

Pure Stocks: 

1. 30-Kevin Jinkerson[3]; 2. 29-Dan Jinkerson[5]; 3. 17-Nick Baldwin[4]; 4. 23-Tyler Lightfoot[6]; 5. 22K-Jason Palmer[7]; 6. 43-Kenny Bernstein[2]; 7. 48-John Evans[9]; 8. 93-Mel Byers[10]; 9. 16-Tommy Sturgeon[1]; 10. 91-Andrew Brulez[11]; 11. 55-Micky Dangelo[12]; 12. 12J-Jason Ramos[8]; 13. 27B-Arnita Bradshaw[13]

Dwarf Cars: 

1. 72N-Mike Reeder[8]; 2. 381-Kinser Endicott[1]; 3. 9N-Kevin Bender[2]; 4. 31N-Dylan Shrum[5]; 5. 15N-Shawn Whitney[7]; 6. 69N-Cody Shrum[11]; 7. 57N-Ben Wiesz[6]; 8. 32N-Dan Geil[12]; 9. 05N-Tim Dodson[18]; 10. 99N-Gage Meyers[3]; 11. 8N-Aron Mosier[14]; 12. 50N-Brenden Shrum[10]; 13. 5N-Anthony Estrada[20]; 14. 51N-Robert Johnson[4]; 15. 508N-Steve Costello[19]; 16. 16N-Brian Quilty[16]; 17. 65N-Erica Endicott[9]; 18. 6N-Austin Quilty[17]; 19. 42N-Isaak Geil[15]; 20. 22N-Joe Halter[13]

Images courtesy of Tim Holland 

Gary Thomas
Author: Gary Thomas