Folsom’s newest eatery to bring its history of community involvement to town this May


Much like the 1927 song says, I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream,” the Folsom community is buzzing with excitement about their city becoming the home of the newest edition of Leatherby’s Family Creamery. 

While locals may not necessarily be actually screaming about the soon to open eatery, local chat pages indicate that many of us curious just when we can enjoy that giant Daddy Dave’s Sundae, or their famous crab sandwich. That day, is just shy of two months away.


I was late 2022 that Leatherby’s announced it would be opening at its newest location, 2455 Iron Point Road.  The longtime family-owned business is occupying what was Islands Restaurant. Since the start of the new year, construction crews of many trades have been busy transforming both the exterior and interior from what was a tropical beach theme to that of a traditional ice cream parlor, complete with its trademark blue and white theme.

According to an update and photos shared from the Leatherby’s Family, the transformation is progressing and they expect to be open by mid-May, just in time to cool off on those warm summer days with homemade ice cream. 


“We are so excited to be part of the Folsom community and we are looking forward to all of you to be part of the Leatherby’s family, said Jake Leatherby. “To be part of your community, to be part of your sports teams, part of your schools, and your fundraisers.”


Known for their variety of homemade ice cream, sundaes and American-style dishes, including their famous crab sandwiches, Dave and Sally Leatherby opened the first Leatherby’s on Arden Way in Sacramento back in 1982. Today, the family tradition continues with four locations in the region. In each of the cities they service, the family-owned company is known for being very involved in the community.

“When we opened Leatherby’s 40 years ago, my father wanted to do something that would directly contribute to the betterment of the community,” said Dave Leatherby Jr. “Since then, we have made it our mission to make a place where every person is welcome.”


When they first announced, they were coming to town, Leatherby explained how opening a fifth location in Folsom made sense for their business model. Over the years they had learned that so many of their customers travel from Folsom and the surrounding areas, including as far as Placerville, all the way to one of their current locations further down the hill.

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“We have wanted to open an ice cream parlor along Highway 50 for a very long time,” he said. “Folsom is such a wonderful community and presents a lot of opportunities for growth.”

One of the many key elements for Leatherby’s through the years has been supporting and giving back to the communities in which their establishments are located. They look forward to bringing that business model to the Folsom community and joining with local charities, service clubs, youth sports and more.

“We have a policy that we never say no to anyone who asks to partner with us,” Leatherby said. “We feel that we’re a member of the community as our purpose is to make it better and offer people a great place to come.”

Once operating, the local creamery will employ approximately 100 staff. Leatherby’s is currently in the recruiting process through their website to find the perfect employees to join their team for the new location. 

“When we look for people to hire, we look for those who have a generous heart, are happy, are giving and are selfless because that’s the kind of business we want to run,” Leatherby said.

David Leatherby Sr. opened the first Leatherby’s in 1982. Photo: Leatherby’s Family

A beginning based on providing happiness…

“Ice cream brings joy and happiness to all.” According to the family history files, it was that simple truth that led Dave Leatherby (Daddy Dave), and his wife Sally to open their first Creamery in 1982. Dave Sr had grown up in Iowa and worked in a small-town café that was owned and operated by his parents. He remembered fondly how the “Main Street Café” had been a “gathering place for the whole community,” and hoped to create a business that would offer the Sacramento community this same warm environment. Dave Sr and wife Sally approached their son David Jr and his wife Jennifer with the idea of starting a business together, a real family business in which all 10 of their children might be able to work together.

The Family Creamery has become an integral part of family life for the entire Leatherby family, that now has over 100 people Photo: Leatherby’s Family

Leatherby’s today…

Fast forward 40 years and the Leatherby family now owns and operates 4 restaurants, all while keeping the same goals in mind. Since 1982 customers from all over Northern California have flocked to Leatherby’s for enormous sundaes, great food, and a fabulous family atmosphere. Many people young and old have fond memories of devouring a Daddy Dave’s Sundae. In fact, Dave Sr. became a affectionately known around town as “Daddy Dave”.

A true family affair…

The Family Creamery has become an integral part of family life for the entire Leatherby family, that now has grown to over 100 people. Many Leatherby family members, nieces, nephews, cousins, grandchildren and other relatives still work at Leatherby’s today.  “To us, the ice cream parlor is our home away from home. It has allowed us to enjoy what is most important in life…family and friends…and serving others,” reads their motto.” 

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