With triple digit heat in recent weeks, the thought of being on the golf course is out of the question for many. However, starting this week, golf enthusiasts in El Dorado Hills can get into the swing of their game indoors and enjoy a cold brew, wine and food along with it. 


After several years of vacancy, the property next to the Regal Theaters in El Dorado Hills Town Center once home to Chili’s Grill and Bar has a new tenant, X-Golf. The state-of-the-art indoor gold experience is slated to open its doors at noon Tuesday. 

With some 90 locations across the country, Carson, California-based X-Golf America chose the El Dorado Hills Town Center location as its first California location. Like all of its other locations, the El Dorado Hills spot features a full bar and a restaurant, all themed around golf and equipped with seven golf simulators and the opportunity to even take golf lessons on site. 


“We are over the top excited with the opening X Golf,” said Debbie Manning, CEO of the El Doroad Hills Chamber of Commerce. “Bringing an entertainment experience into our community is another opportunity for families to spend time together, whether it be some one wanting to learn golf or some quite experienced who was to sharpen their skills in a comfortable relaxed environment.”

X-Golf’s simulators are as about as real as the game can get, next to going out on the actual course, which is challenging when its 105 degrees out lately. 


The simulators utilize a combination of high-speed cameras and laser optics to track the player’s golf ball within what the company reports to be 98% accuracy. Players can choose to play courses from around the world, and each session provides the golfer with complete analytics of their performance.

“Our R & D department has spent over 15 years engineering a sophisticated combination of laser, light, impact and camera sensory technologies to collect raw data at and around the impact zone,” explains the X-Golf website. “Combined with incredible computing power and custom-built 3D graphics software, X-Golf is the smartest kid in class.”

According to X-Golf. the technology measures not only the motion vector of the golf ball, but also the movement of the golf club such as path, angle of attack, trajectory and velocity. Following the laws of physics, these measurements allow them to perfectly replicate the golf ball flight, whether it’s a fade, draw, hook or a slice). This technology measures fat or thin shots, tops and, “all the things that can go wrong when playing off real grass,” according to the company.



While the golf simulations are the lead attraction at X-Golf, the food and spirits are right alongside the headlining feature. The bar pours a varety of full-flavored draught lagers, IPAs and more are also available on tap or bottled. They also craft a variety of specialty shots and cocktails and serve varieties of white and red wines.  


The establishment’s kitchen serves up share-able dishes like chicken tenders, pizza, fries, artichoke dips, crab rangoon and more.


Don’t know how to play golf or looking to perfect your swing?  You can even take lessons at X-Golf. The company’s teaching system combines expert advice, sophisticated swing analysis and a welcoming environment that they boast, “is redefining the way you learn the game of golf.”

According to the company, lessons are suitable for all levels of golfers and their trained professionals can assist with all aspects of your game. “We provide a relaxed atmosphere ensuring value for money, technical advice that can be saved and reviewed and most of all improvements to your game,” they said.”


For GPS users, the actual address for X-Gold is 2085 Vine St. Suite 201 in El Dorado Hills. They can be contacted by phone at 916-542-1374. As of Monday they have not officially announced their permanent operating hours but the doors will open at noon Tuesday and the public is invited to check them our. You can visit their website to learn about their offerings and technology at www.playexgolf.com

Carson, California-based X-Golf America began franchising in 2016 and currently has 90 locations open or in development across the U.S. The company’s locations each have a full bar and restaurant, as well as a minimum of six indoor golf simulators that can be rented out for tee times, private lessons, tournaments and events.

X-Golf’s simulators use high-speed cameras and laser optics to track the player’s golf ball within 98% accuracy, according to the company’s website. Players can choose to play courses from around the world, and each session provides the golfer with instant analytics on their performance.

Bill Sullivan
Author: Bill Sullivan