When it comes to history, we have a great deal of here in Folsom. Yes, the history books have documented the significant moments in time, but there is a there is a hoopla of unique “happenings” that took place throughout the decades that you may not find in those ordinary text books but rather in local periodicals, journals and more.

If you look back through the years, you may be amazed of what was considered “headline news” back in the day. Folsom Times continues to partner with the staff of Folsom History to bring our community a backwards glance of yesteryear here in the community thanks to the work of Shelby Sorensen and Jovia Low. 


These two local history talents have spent time digging into the past to bring you History Headlines, an ongoing collection of some of the memorable moments that were the “talk of the town,” back in the day and found in news articles, journals and more.   Here’s a look back at some unique moments that took place in December  through the years.

December 1, 1922: The Folsom baseball club will play the Folsom prison team this week.


December 3, 1926: Locomotives for the Folsom Prison arrive from the East; a new mess hall for the convicts starts being built.

December 3, 1926: The sophomores at the local high school held a meeting to discuss a plan for increasing their funds.


December 5, 1885: A vagrant mule recently invaded a Sacramento music store and was with great difficulty ejected.

Sutter Street pictured in circa 1966. Photo courtesy of Folsom History

December 5, 1963: The possibility of a historic area in Folsom came a step closer to reality Tuesday night when the City Council received a proposed ordinance from the planning commission which designates the general area of Sutter Street as a special historic district. 

December 6, 1912: A case involving a man from Folsom against a man from Sacramento regarding the title to a carpenter property.


December 11, 1985: Folsom’s first roller rink will open its doors Dec. 14 at noon. The Folsom Roller Palace will offer special activities to mark the event, which the public is invited to attend. 

December 12, 1885: To whom it may concern: my wife having left my bed and board without provocation, all persons are hereby warned not to trust her on my account, I will not be responsible for any debts contracted by her. 

December 12, 1891: Two prisoners at the Folsom Prison engaged in a “cutting affray.” One inmate, who was serving a life sentence for killing a convict in San Quentin, got possession of a table knife and stabbed the other inmate.

December 12, 1941: Willingness of local residents to cooperate in the national defense emergency is reflected in the business of the local post office, where sales of defense bonds and stamps have taken a big jump since war was declared. 

December 14, 1917: A pioneer resident of Folsom, Jacob Broder, passed away this week. He was born in Switzerland and immigrated to New Orleans in 1848.

December 17, 1898: In what was referred to as an “indignation,” the Board of Supervisors changed their mind concerning the dilapidated and dangerous bridges on the Folsom and Orangevale road; after the meeting, they decided not to repair the bridges but post notices of warning instead.

December 17, 1898: The Folsom Orchestra will give a grand New Years ball at Rocklin on the Saturday fortnight.

December 19, 1908: The country between Folsom and Loomis, which only a few years prior was “wild and wooded” is being rapidly cleared and settled.

December 19, 1908: Several Folsomites said to be among the victims of “smooth promoter” M. M. McIntyre who dazzled the Sacramento area with “certain enterprises from which he promised enormous profits.” He turned out to be a fraud.

December 20, 1940: Albert Lemos, 73, was found burned to death in his cabin; he was believed to have had money hidden in the cabin. Officers have been investigating the case in the belief that there may have been foul play.

December 22, 1955: For many years anyone with power troubles poured his tale of woe into the ear of Charlie Hall. But times have changed. “Mr. PG&E” has retired and stays snug and warm in the new home the Halls are living in. 

December 25, 1880: The week before Christmas, school children gathered at Fireman’s Hall to receive gifts from Santa.

December 26, 1973: As part of an extensive project to jointly celebrate the American Bicentennial and the anniversary of the opening of the first steam-powered railroad in the West, the Folsom Historical Society has proposed a train trip over the original Sacramento-to-Folsom route.

December 30, 1905: The bucket line of Dredge No. 1 that was lost in the pond has been recovered by aid of divers.

The Landis Brothers pictured Dec. 30, 1905. Photo courtesy of Folsom History

December 30, 1905: Leonidas Hamln Landis, one of the pioneer residents of Orangevale, passed away Wednesday morning at his home there.

December 30, 1905: Masquerade Ball will be given on New Year night.

December 30, 1905: The Board of State Prison Directors decided not to make the contemplated improvements at Folsom Prison, deeming it useless to expend $200,000 unless there is an assurance of a permanent water supply for generating electricity for power and lighting purposes.