When it comes to history, the community of Folsom has a whole lot of it. While the history books have documented the significant moments in time, there is a there is a hoopla of unique “happenings” that took place throughout the decades that you may not find in those ordinary text books but rather in local periodicals

If you look back through the years, you may be amazed of what was considered “headline news” back in the day. Folsom Times continues to partner with the staff of Folsom History to bring our community a backwards glance of yesteryear here in the community thanks to the work of Shelby Sorensen and Jovia Low. 


These two local history talents have spent time digging into the past to bring you History Headlines, an ongoing collection of some of the memorable moments that were the “talk of the town,” back in the day and found in news articles, journals and more.   Here’s a look back at some unique moments that took place in November through the years.

November 2, 1887: San Francisco is reported to be a great commercial metropolis “destined to rival New York for supremacy”


November 2, 1887: The annual election of stockholders at the Natoma Water and Mining Company designated several men–including some from Folsom–as office holders.

November 2, 1887: A “well-known” miner who summered in Idaho returned to Folsom believing it to be a “much better place to winter in than the wilds of Idaho”


November 3, 1911: Natomas Consolidated makes plans to wreck the remains of the big Dredge No. 8 at Rebel Hill. It was put out of commission by fire two weeks ago which destroyed all of the frame portion of the dredge above the deck. The loss was estimated to be around $235,000.

On November 3, 1911, Natomas Consolidated announced plans to wreck the remains of the big Dredge No. 8 at Rebel Hill. It was put out of commission by fire two weeks earlier which destroyed all of the frame portion of the dredge above the deck. The loss was estimated to be around $235,000. Photo: Folsom History Archives.

November 3, 1911: A new Sacramento water company is formed; the company plans to build near Folsom

November 3, 1911: An unidentifiable body was found near the American River. The remains of a well-dressed, “apparently prosperous” man, dredge – November 3, 1911: Dredge #8, photo courtesy of Folsom History Archives.


rod – November 27, 1974: Jim Ericson, city administrator, Rod Carmody, and Fred Schiedegger in 1979, photo courtesy of Folsom History Archives

 were found by several men while hunting; the man appears to have been dead for at least three months.

November 5, 1926: The last splice of new telephone cable links San Francisco and Bay Area with Sacramento.

November 10, 1877: A resolution providing for the cemetery at the Hospital for the county’s dead is passed by the Board of Supervisors

November 10, 1877: A man shot and killed another man at the Gold Bar, Placer County a few miles from Auburn.

November 13, 1931: New era in gold mining industry in California; announcements of new gold mining ventures in this section are “in its inception”

November 13, 1931: Folsom soon to have a new $5600 fire truck

November 15, 1962: Structure in Folsom Prison is destroyed by a fire. The warden reported that it was going to be destroyed anyway, and the room contained nothing but a water heater. The building was valued at $2,100

November 15, 19: Folsom Mayor announces that the local hospital could eventually be turned into a non-profit or community hospital

November 17, 1916: Fifty honor convicts, who for several months been employed on construction work, were brought back to Folsom Prison for the winter

November 18, 1903: The trial of Convict Wood for the murder of Wm. Cotter was taking place in Sacramento. Officers and guards from the Folsom Prison as well as convict witnesses gave testimony.

November 21, 1891: Marshal B. Lane, one of the “oldest residents in this part of the county” died. He settled in the area in the early 1850s.

November 24, 1911: The statement of condition of the Bank of Folsom shows a “very flattering record for the local institution”

November 24, 1911: Some Folsom residents complain about the shutting down of the mail service on Sundays

November 26, 1891: An eclipse of the moon occurred; only a partial eclipse was observable in Folsom.

November 26, 1948: Governor Earl Warren reaffirms stand on Folsom Dam project; he states he is in favor of having Folsom Dam as an integral part of the Central Valley Project

November 27, 1974: Rod Carmody, local manager of the Pacific Telephone, is the new president of the Folsom Chamber of Commerce

Rod Carmody, (center) was elected president of the Folsom Chamber in 1974. Carmondy is pictured here in 1979 with Jim Ericson, City Administrator and Fred Schiedegger. Photo:Folsom History Archives

November 27, 1974: Folsom Prisoner apparently “revived”–at approximately 7:20 am, an inmate was found unconscious in his cell with a copper wire wrapped around his neck and the cell bars tied from the outside. The prisoner was later reported in good condition.

November 28, 1903: A new law providing that prisoners must be liberated from State prisons on Mondays results in a large number of men from Folsom Prison expecting to be released marginally sooner than initially thought.