As the excitement builds for the rodeo’s return to Folsom next week as well as the upcoming Hometown Parade, it’s a great time to recognize a unit of the Folsom Police Department that puts riders on horses all year round across the city but will be highly visible during the many special events coming up.  It’s the city’s unique Mounted Police Unit stands as a testament to both tradition and effective public service,

Nestled amid the buzz about horses, cowboys and girls and tradition alike echoing throughout the city as of late, this specialized unit of the Folsom Police Department plays a pivotal role in maintaining safety and fostering community engagement in ways that are as unique as they are impactful.


The Mounted Unit is a highly visible component of the Folsom Police Department. Comprised of three skilled officers and trained horses, this unit, “plays a role in enhancing public safety, crowd management, and community engagement,” according to the Folsom Police Department.

Enhancing Patrol and Accessibility


Founded on the principle of community-oriented policing, the Mounted Unit offers a distinctive approach to law enforcement. Mounted officers are not only highly visible but also provide enhanced patrol capabilities, maneuvering through areas that may be challenging for traditional patrol vehicles. This enables them to swiftly respond to incidents and maintain a reassuring presence during community events, from large-scale gatherings to neighborhood festivals.

Building Trust and Bridging Gaps


One of the unit’s greatest strengths lies in its ability to forge connections with the community. Mounted officers, perched atop their steeds, naturally draw people in, sparking conversations and breaking down barriers that sometimes exist between law enforcement and the public. This interaction goes beyond mere enforcement; it builds trust and understanding, fostering a sense of partnership in keeping Folsom safe and vibrant.


Versatility and Specialized Training

Behind their striking presence, Folsom’s mounted officers undergo rigorous training that prepares them for a diverse array of situations. From crowd control at events like the upcoming rodeo to search and rescue operations in rugged terrain, these officers and their horses are trained to handle it all with poise and professionalism. Their versatility ensures that they can adapt to any scenario, providing a valuable asset to the city’s emergency response capabilities. 


It’s not uncommon to see Folsom’s mounted officers patrolling the trails of Folsom as well as shopping areas like the Folsom Premium outlets and more, showing the versatility of this unique division of the department that often go unseen, with the exception of an event such as a parade and such.

Mounted officers undergo specialized training to effectively patrol urban and natural environments, utilizing their equine partners for increased mobility and visibility. They are often deployed during large-scale events, parades, and any time their presence would help to deter crime and maintain order. Additionally, the Mounted Unit fosters positive interactions between law enforcement and the community, as officers on horseback are approachable and accessible to residents.

Community Engagement and Educational Outreach

Beyond their operational duties, the Mounted Unit actively engages with the community through educational programs and demonstrations. Schools, community groups, and local organizations benefit from learning about horsemanship, police work, and safety protocols directly from these dedicated officers. Such outreach not only educates but also inspires a new generation to consider careers in law enforcement while fostering a deeper appreciation for the role of animals in public service.

A Symbol of Folsom’s Spirit

As the rodeo brings horses to the forefront of Folsom’s collective consciousness, the Mounted Unit stands as a living embodiment of the city’s spirit. They represent not just law enforcement, but a tradition of service rooted in partnership, safety, and community pride. Their presence at events like the rodeo enhances the experience for attendees while ensuring that everyone can enjoy the festivities in a safe and secure environment.

In conclusion, Folsom’s Mounted Police Unit exemplifies the city’s commitment to innovative and community-focused policing. As they prepare to play a prominent role during the rodeo and beyond, their dedication to public service continues to resonate, making Folsom a safer, more connected community for all. 

Learn more about the Folsom’s Mounted Police Unit on the police webpage within the City of Folsom’s website or visit them at one their upcoming events such as National Night Out on August 6 and more.

You’ll be sure to see Folsom’s mounted officers this Saturday in the Hometown Parade in Historic Folsom that takes place starting at 9:30 a.m. Give these riders and their majestic creatures a wave in support of keeping tradition and safety a priority in the city. 

Megan Davis is a Folsom resident student at Chico State University who contributes content to Folsom Times as part of the university’s student internship program.

Photos: Folsom Police Department & Bill Sullivan, Folsom Times