A local favorite is returning to Historic Folsom this Saturday that let’s little one’s step into the spotlight and strut their young cycling skills. It’s the Balance Bike Bash and it will take place right in the heart of the district on Sutter Street Saturday afternoon. The event takes place alongside the Motherlode Epic Mountain Bike Race that takes place earlier in the day, concluding at Beals Point followed by a post-race celebration in Historic Folsom early in the evening. 

Bring your little ones age 5 and under out for the Balance Bike Bash during Folsom Pedal Quest in Historic Folsom! Kids race on balance bikes around a course with fun features including a bubble wrap “rock garden,” mini rumble strips, and a pool noodle wall for kids to ride through.

“Learning to ride a bike is a childhood milestone and creates opportunities for adventure, achievement and connections that last a lifetime,” explained Jenn Fuss from Clipped in for Life in an earlier Folsom Times article prior to the event’s Folsom debut. Clipped in for Life is the organizer of both the Motherlode Epic and the Balance Bike Bash. “Whether it’s riding to school, meeting friends at the playground, or exploring local trails, bikes help give kids the independence and confidence they’ll need for success throughout their lives.”

The Balance Bike Bash will be held on the 700 Block of Sutter Street between Riley and Wool Streets (closed to traffic) with sessions starting every 30 minutes from 12-3 pm. Kids will do as many laps of the course as they can in 15 minutes. In between races, kids can ride the course as much as they want. The unique and specially designed course will have fun features throughout it,  including a bubble wrap “rock garden,” mini rumble strips, and a pool noodle wall for kids to ride through.

“The Balance Bike Bash is one of the cutest events I’ve ever seen,” Folsom Historic District Executive Director Judy Collinsworth told Folsom Times during the last Balance Bike visit to Historic Folsom. “Some kids are super-fast, clearly experts on the balance bike, while others have mom or dad alongside them coaching them to finish.  Either way, it’s a great spectator sport. The course that Clipped in For Life creates for the Balance Bike Bash is so creative and fun. This event is such a perfect kick off for Bike Month.”

Each race session is limited to 25 kids. Registration for the event is on site only and all participants get their very own race plate as well as a lollipop at the finish. Participants can bring their own balance bike and helmet if they have them. Clipped in for Life will have a small fleet of bikes and helmets available to borrow for those that may not own one and wish to participate. 

Clipped In for Life’s mission is to create opportunities for people of all ages and abilities to find achievement, adventure, and connection through cycling and other athletic activities – thus, helping improve lives and bring communities together.

“From our perspective, cycling is a lifestyle. Its impact reaches beyond the race course and into everyday life with physical and mental health benefits, quality time with loved ones, transportation, and more,” is part of their mission statement. “So our purpose at Clipped In for Life is simple: to spread the bike love to anyone and everyone with hopes of improving lives.”   Learn more about Saturday’s event and the organization at www.clippedinforlife.org.