Board adds additional items totaling $7.6 million during deliberations

The Sacramento County Board of Supervisors have voted unanimously to approve a $8.4 billion recommended budget for Fiscal Year (FY) 2023-24.


“The approved budget stands as a testament to the County’s commitment to addressing the critical and urgent needs of our community,” said County Executive Ann Edwards. “The budget prioritizes funding programs that tackle pressing issues like homelessness, the improvement of road conditions in the unincorporated areas of our County, Health Services and Child, Family, and Adult Services. It is important to continue investments in these key areas to ensure the well-being of all residents.” 

The $8.4 billion budget consists of $3.2 billion in Enterprise and Special Revenue Fund appropriations (utility rates, fees and other dedicated revenue), $3.9 billion in General Fund appropriations (funded with $979 million in discretionary resources, $1.3 billion in reimbursements from restricted funds, and $1.7 billion in Federal, State and fee revenue dedicated to specific purposes), and $1.3 billion in Restricted Funds.


The recommended budget recognized new or enhanced areas of growth, including annual commitments of:

Mays Consent Decree Jail Population Reduction – The Recommended Budget includes $34 million in appropriations, with $7 million in Net County Cost to fund new or enhanced programs aligned with the County’s jail population reduction plans to comply with the Mays consent decree.  


Mays Consent Decree Remedial Plan – $10 million in Net County Cost included in the Recommended Budget in the Sheriff and Correctional Health budget units to fund continued efforts to meet the County’s obligations under the Mays consent decree remedial plan, including additional staffing and services.


Addressing Homelessness – $2 million in Net County Cost to fund new programs and services addressing homelessness in the County.  

Health Services – Overall, the Health Services budget includes $84 million of Growth funded almost entirely by State, Federal and Mental Health Services Act (MHSA) revenue.  


In addition to the Growth identified in the Mays Consent Decree Jail Population Reduction and Addressing Homelessness sections above, recommended Growth includes $14 million for Cal-AIM performance-based incentive programs, $14 million to construct a new Children’s Mental Health Psychiatric Health Facility and Crisis Stabilization Unit, $10 million to construct a new Mental Health Rehabilitation Center, $5 million to increase the Children’s Mental Health Flexible Integrated Treatment contract pool, and $2 million to increase existing Full Service Partnership contracts.

Child, Family and Adult Services – $3 million in Net County Costs to support Child Family and Adult Services’ programs to implement the Families First Prevention Services block grant program, and $2 million in Net County Cost to provide additional funding for Child Protective Services welcome and assessment center contracted services.

During Board deliberations, the Board added additional items totaling $7.6 million:

  • $5 million to address road repairs/improvements in the unincorporated County
  • $1.7 million to Regional Parks to fund ongoing contracted trash pickup and removal and for necessary equipment expenses
  • $300,000 to Water Resources for staff time or contracted services to manage flood mitigation efforts in the south County
  • $463,150 to the District Attorney for two additional attorneys
  • $168,000 to Human Assistance for Cal-Fresh benefits at farmer’s markets

For more details on the recommended budget, read the County Executive’s Budget Letter or view the budgets documents on the Office of Budget and Debt Management’s website

The numbers on the Recommended Budget will change between now and September, when the County receives new information, including the impact of the State Budget and updated revenue totals. The Final Budget will come back to the Board of Supervisors in September for review and adoptions.

By the Numbers:

  • Total Budget: $8.4 billion
  • General Fund: $3.9 billion 
  • Enterprise and Special Revenue: $3.2 billion
  • Restricted Funds: $1.3 billion
  • Number of Employees: 13,611