Saturday will be a day of creative ideas and innovation being shared in Folsom as TEDx Folsom takes the stage at Harris Center for the Arts. Tickets are still available for the event, which includes admission as well as well as lunch offering for those looking to make it a day and enjoy a speaker series that aims for foster and spread ideas across the community.

According to event organizers, the TEDxFolsom event embraces the powerful theme of REIMAGINE. This theme is not just about thinking outside the box; it’s about eliminating the box entirely. At the core of REIMAGINE is the convergence of what currently exists (“as-is”) and the realm of new possibilities. This approach encourages a transformative thought process, inviting participants to envision beyond the conventional boundaries and constraints.


TEDxFolsom is dedicated to uncovering and sharing “ideas worth spreading.” The event aims to influence the local community and leave an imprint on a global scale. The event seeks to inspire change, innovation, and progressive thinking by focusing on reimagining. Attendees are encouraged to explore ideas that redefine the status quo, challenge existing paradigms, and propose novel solutions to contemporary issues.

Participants of TEDxFolsom will embark on an intellectual journey, discovering new perspectives and visionary ideas. The event is designed to be a catalyst for change, empowering individuals to reimagine their roles in shaping the future. It’s an opportunity for thinkers, innovators, and change-makers to connect, collaborate, and contribute to a global dialogue on redefining possibilities.


Saturday’s event will open the doors at 9 a.m. and will begin at 10 a.m. Ticket prices range from $52 to $107. The event will offer lunch options from several area food trucks. For more information or to purchase tickets visit the Harris Center for the Arts box office online HERE. 

The scheduled speakers as announced by TEDxFolsom are as follows. Note, that some changes or additions may have taken place by event day and its suggested to check the TEDxFolsom website HERE


Aryana Altaha


Teen Mental Health Advocate

Teen social media sensation, author, and award-winning actor Aryana Altaha weaves her experience with mental illness into viral storytelling. Since age 15, Aryana accumulated a combined audience of 90,000+ supporters with millions of monthly views on her social media accounts, where she shares scientifically-proven advice to improve mental health & provides a safe space for others to be vulnerable. Additionally, she self-published her mental health poetry book “am I too broken?” at age 16. Throughout her poems, Aryana opens up about her struggles, how she used vulnerability & coping mechanisms to turn her agony into advocacy. She landed her first TEDx talk at 17 and is currently working on her second and third book! Through her publications, motivational talks, and advocacy Aryana educates others on mental illness, combats deeply-rooted stigmas, and shows others how to truly live instead of simply survive.


Brook Wineland

Data Science Engineer

Brook Wineland: Data Science Engineer, 2 time CEO, High School Lacrosse coach and a Professor of Machine Learning at the University of Denver. As the founder of “the happiness algorithm”, Brook has deployed generative ai systems across fortune 500 companies for 10 years to arrive at the conclusion: We become better humans when we embrace the machines. She leads the most lucrative IT stack integrations by teaching people to start with the question: How can I use ai to positively impact people (and the world)?

Charles Gellman

CEO HiDO Health

Charles Gellman, CEO and co-founder of HiDO Health, is dedicated to enhancing millions of lives through AI-assisted robotics. With over 20 years of expertise in healthcare IT, informatics, and robotics, he’s collaborated with both startups and Fortune 500 firms. Holds a Masters in Clinical Informatics from UC Davis School of Medicine and is a data scientist. Renowned as a speaker, author, and researcher, he’s contributed to numerous publications, podcasts, and documentaries envisioning the future of care. Charles, a former StartXMed advisor, has partnered with Stanford and Rush Universities on NIH-funded projects. A leading authority on AI-assisted robotics and digital health, he continues to shape the landscape of healthcare delivery.

Daniel Farber Huang


Daniel Farber Huang founded the Eternal Access Project to protect and preserve banned books and ideas from censorship and oppression by archiving digital copies in secure vaults deep in the Arctic Permafrost, available to future generations. He is a journalist and documentary photographer, and co-founder of The Power of Faces, a major portrait project raising awareness of the global refugee crisis. His work is included in the collections of The International Center of Photography, Museum of the City of New York, New-York Historical Society, Museum of Chinese in the Americas, and other institutions. Combining his love of both words and strategy, Daniel earned his Masters in Journalism from Harvard University and MBA from The Wharton School. He is an author, corporate strategy consultant as well as Board Director for the Emergency Care Research Institute, one of the largest healthcare safety entities in the world. He is a Fellow of both the Explorers Club and Royal Geographical Society.

Dr. Catlin Tucker

Educator and Author

Dr. Catlin Tucker is a bestselling author, international trainer, and keynote speaker. She was named Teacher of the Year in 2010 in Sonoma County, where she taught for 16 years. Catlin earned her master’s in education at the University of California at Santa Barbara and her doctorate from Pepperdine University. Catlin has published nine books, including The Shift to Student-led and The Complete Guide to Blended Learning. She hosts The Balance podcast and is active on X @Catlin_Tucker and Instagram @CatlinTucker.

Jacob Rangel

Copywriter, Prompt Engineer

Copywriter, Prompt Engineer, Storyteller. From writing and directing award-winning short films, to Co-founding Prompt Krafter, an AI App company, Jacob seeks creative challenges wherever his curiosity commands. As the Senior Copywriter at a philanthropic Napa Winery, he’s using custom AI tools to help him be more creative, and efficient, delivering world-class marketing ideas. A sought-after speaker in the field of prompt engineering, Jacob helps teams understand how AI can bring more intelligence and impact to their day-to-day operations. With his unique blend of storytelling and AI skills, Jacob is dedicated to sharing the benefits of artificial intelligence while acknowledging that humanity must institute safeguards at every step. He’s currently learning his first coding language, Python, to create richer, more complex AI sub-agents to help him on his mission.

Janice Burt

International Speaker

Janice Burt is an international keynote speaker, court-certified Spanish interpreter, voiceover artist/actor, yoga instructor, and award-winning author. She is a lover of peace, a proponent of Love, and never takes herself too seriously. In 2023, she performed on Speak Up streaming on Prime Video. She was the recipient of The Catalyst of Courage award given by the Los Angeles Tribune, as well as being listed as a Global Woman to Watch in 2024 in the Washington DC Chronicle. Being raised in Mexico City, as well as being bilingual, gives her a multi-dimensional appeal. Her mission in life is to encourage, uplift, and unite people’s hearts through the power of words and authentic action. Janice longs for people to be set free from the prisons of fear and people pleasing that so easily entrap us. She is the proudest mom you will ever meet of her two adult children, Sam and Ella. She lives in Sacramento, California with her boyfriend and their Blue Heeler, BB.

Jill Osur


Former UC Berkeley softball player, Jill Osur, draws on her athletics to hone her leadership style and overcome obstacles. Elevating women and inspiring change have guided her career—first as a political fundraiser, then Special Olympics, and now, as an Entrepreneur. In 2020, she founded Teneral Cellars, a company on a mission to reshape the wine industry to reflect its largest customer, women! She acquired property for Teneral with 26-acres of vineyard, production winery, tasting room, and 5-star hotel Grand Reserve Inn, in the Amador wine region. Jill’s a Tory Burch Fellow, member of the Gov’s Entrepreneurship & Economic Mobility Taskforce, Women Presidents’ Organization, and an advisory board member for Enterprising Women. Accolades include: WPO’s Adrienne Hall Award for Breaking Down Barriers; Stevie Award for Best Female Entrepreneur; Leader Award from Leadership CA; NAWBO OWL Award; and 2023 Honoree as 100 Women to KNOW in America.

Liz Coleman

Professor of Communication Studies

Liz Coleman, a Professor of Communication Studies, is a passionate instructor, coach, speaker, and mother of two incredible boys. She holds an M.A. in Instructional Communication with over 15 years of experience in the field. Her personal journey underscores her commitment to transformative communication, enriching her life and those she assists. Liz has had the privilege of guiding hundreds of individuals toward overcoming challenges such as speech anxiety, improving relationships, emotional intelligence, leadership skills, and navigating conflicts with confidence. Her expertise is sought after by successful C-suite leaders, entrepreneurs, individuals, and organizations, highlighting her mission to unlock human potential through masterful communication.

Rishi Ambavanekar

Neuroscience Entrepreneur

Rishi is passionate about entrepreneurship and Neurotechnology. After struggling with Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder, he started pursuing research into Neuroscience and developed low-cost devices to aid post-stroke victims. Discovering the high cost of Neurotechnology devices, he decided to use entrepreneurship to disrupt the industry with a commercial Neurotechnology start-up. His mission remains to democratize Neurotechnology and be a pioneer at the forefront of the field.

Tiffani Sharp

Wealth Advisor

Tiffani Sharp, founder of T. Sharp Legacy & Wealth Counsel and T. Sharp Wealth Management LLC, is an experienced licensed attorney and investment advisor with a 20-year career. Specializing in asset attainment, estate planning, and generational wealth, her firm is the only Black woman-owned independent RIA in Sacramento. She’s dedicated to supporting undervalued communities, with extensive work in constitutional law, business equity, women’s rights, and immigration. A notable Accredited Behavioral Finance Professional™ (ABFP™), her unique approach integrates psychological factors into financial services. Focused on women and marginalized groups, she offers tailored strategies, workshops, and behavioral finance principles. T. Sharp emphasizes building trusting relationships, empowering clients for better financial outcomes.