There’s about to be a real buzz around Historic Folsom, a buzz that’s about fuzz. It’s almost time for the annual Peach Festival to bring thousands to town for a day where that bright colored fuzzy fruit takes center stage in the heart of the city.


Slated for Sunday, August 6, this year’s Peach Festival will pack the Historic Folsom Plaza and portions of lower Sutter Street with some 100 different vendors. From a variety of great things to taste and great prices on fresh peaches to make your own creations, the event offers a variety of fun activities for all ages, including many interactive activities for youngsters and their families a baking contest and live cooking demonstrations.  

From face painting to craft making, fun peach themed carnival style games to peach eating contests, live music and more, Folsom’ Annual Peach Festival is an event you don’t want to miss this year. Guests at this event have even been known to indulge in consuming beer and wine made from peaches in none other than its very own, “Peach Pit Saloon.”


The Peach Festival is presented by Living Smart Farmers Markets, the same organization who manages and promotes the weekly Farmers’ Market in Historic Folsom and other locations in the region.  Organizers Don and Marie Hall first brought the event to Folsom in 2015 and from there, it’s grown into one of Historic Folsom most highly attended events next to the annual Christmas Tree Lighting each year. 

According to the Halls, Folsom Peach Festival is unique in the way that it has a vast variety of different types of peaches to choose from, whether you’re buying, tasting or just learning. This is due to its location as California is ranked the Number One peach grower in the nation. With the Folsom Peach Festival being in the heart of the golden state, the choices will be abundant.


The event is free to attend for all ages, but some of the interactive attractions do require an additional small fee. Vendor spaces have all been sold out for the event so it’s sure to be another grand affair for everyone. Whether you are shopping for peaches, looking to learn more about them or just looking to partake in a face-first style peach eating contest, rest assured you won’t be without plenty to do at this event. 

Admission to the festival is free for all ages on August 6 and the event will take place from 10 a.m. until 4 p.m.  Parking is available in the Historic District Parking garage and there will be transportation available by Regional Transit on Light Rail, which is a great way to avoid the traffic and parking in the district. There will be no parking on area residential streets in the Historic District for the event. 

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Bill Sullivan
Author: Bill Sullivan