It’s a dog’s day in Folsom this Saturday as humans can bring their furry friend to the 19th annual Bark ‘n’ Splash Bash for the time of their life at the Steve Miklos Aquatic Center.


This unique event provides a social and recreational outlet for dogs and their owners. It’s on this one day of the year that it is the dogs time to play and swim in the pool, they can even use the slide if they are so inclined and skilled enough to do so, if not, they can just enjoy frolicking in the water that is sure to be populated with pooches of every size, make and color throughout the day.

“It is so fun to see the dogs have a good time and the owners having an equally good time. It is a feel-good fun event,” raves Lesley Miller of Folsom Parks and Recreation. “Each year, every dog leaves and just crashes once they get into the car. It is a great way to tire out your dog.”


This event is strictly for dogs only and people are not allowed to go into the pool during the event. Additionally, there will be lifeguards on duty should any of the four-legged swimmers have any difficulty as they play, it not uncommon to see small dogs completely equipped with sporty life vests as they enjoy their day. The city’s activity pool has a sloped entry so those pooches that are a bit vertically challenged can have fun too. 

Bark and Splash began 19 years ago and marks the time of year when City of Folsom staff prepare to drain the pools for their annual deep cleaning. Before they do so, they let the facility “go to the dogs,” literally, for the day. 


The cost is just $10 per dog at the entry gate that opens at 1 pm. and will close at 4 p.m. for three glorious hours of dog paddling, catching balls and shaking off to soak the humans gathered at poolside.

All dogs wishing to play must be vaccinated for rabies and licensed and have written proof to present at admission. Those that are not licensed, can do so on site before entering the park. Those Folsom residents wanting to get licenses prior to the event can do so at Folsom City Hall as well. 

Those that drive their dogs to the park should be licensed as well, however that task cannot be accomplished on site. One more of the simple rules for the event: all dogs must arrive on a leash and once they are inside, it’s time to unleash the fun.  There will be a number of pet related vendors set up at the event as well throughout the day.


The Steve Miklos Aquatic Center is located at Lembi Park, 1200 Riley Street in Folsom. Anyone with any questions on the event can contact Folsom Parks and Recreation at : 916-461.6601.

Photos: Folsom Parks and Recreation

Bill Sullivan
Author: Bill Sullivan