For those of you who missed last week’s State of the City – a terrific event unto itself, and I’m looking forward to seeing what our new Mayor Mike Kozlowski accomplishes in 2024 – I wanted to share some exciting news.


Folsom is now home to Samsung Semiconductor. It recently opened microchip R&D offices on Iron Point Road, putting it in good company with fellow semiconductor companies Micron Technology and Intel Corporation nearby. Its new offices boast a research hub featuring an advanced computing lab and an advanced controller development.

Samsung was drawn to the region thanks to its robust semiconductor talent pool and proximity to its San Jose campus. Its offices employ 50 people, with plans to expand in the future.


Samsung is a welcome addition to Folsom and Greater Sacramento, where it’s one of many global semiconductor leaders that’s recently put down roots in our region. The saying “it takes a village” is accurate, and partners like the Greater Sacramento Economic Council, the Northern California Innovation District, the 50 EA, and the City of Folsom illustrate the power of cooperation for a larger goal.

The impact of this news bodes well for Folsom and the region. Our new Mayor, Mike Kozlowski, summed it up nicely.


“This strategic move strengthens Folsom’s position as a city of choice for businesses and allows the city to harness local talent, fueling innovation in the semiconductor industry.”

I couldn’t agree more.

Joe Gagliardi is the CEO of Choose Folsom and the Folsom Chamber of Commerce. His commentary appears regulary in Folsom Times, community partner with Choose Folsom and the Folsom Chamber of Commerce.

Joe Gagliardi
Author: Joe Gagliardi