The City of Folsom Community Development Department will implement several fee increases and restructuring measures set to take effect over the coming months, impacting a variety of construction projects within the city.

July 1 Fee Increase

Starting July 1, 2024, impact fees for all new construction projects located south of Highway 50 will increase by an average of 2.70%, in accordance with the Construction Cost Index (CCI). This increase will apply to all fees not paid before the July 1 deadline. Projects situated north of Highway 50 will not be affected by this particular increase.


August 1 Fee Restructuring

On August 1, 2024, building and engineering fees will undergo restructuring and adjustment based on a Fee Study conducted over the past year. The study aimed to align fees with the current costs of services provided. The Folsom City Council adopted these revised Building and Engineering Fees during their meeting on May 28, 2024. For further details, stakeholders are encouraged to review the Fee Study documentation.

September 9 Fee Increase

On September 9, 2024, impact fees for new construction projects north of Highway 50 will also increase by 2.70%, in line with the CCI. Additionally, planning user fees citywide will rise by 2.62%, based on the Consumer Price Index (CPI).


These updates are part of the city’s ongoing efforts to ensure that fees accurately reflect the costs of services provided, thereby supporting the continued development and infrastructure improvements within Folsom.

For more information on the upcoming fee changes, please contact the City of Folsom Community Development Department or visit the city’s official website HERE.