This coming Friday is a day many local non-profits and patriotic revelers are looking forward to. It’s the official opening of “safe and sane” fireworks to celebrate Independence Day across Sacramento County and several locations are set to open across the city.

In Folsom, a total of 14 firework sales locations have been permitted for 2024, all of which benefit various location charities. Each year, interested non-profits apply to operate the temporary stands you can find throughout the city and are selected by means of a lottery process.


Permits to sell safe and sane fireworks shall be issued to nonprofit organizations or corporations, as defined in 26 USC 501(c) and/or the California Corporations Code, located within the city of Folsom and organized primarily for charitable, religious, educational, athletic, veteran, patriotic, welfare, civic betterment or similar purposes. 

Following mandatory training of volunteers and inspection of their selling locations by the Folsom Fire Department, each non-profit is allowed to open for sales for a total of six days. Local stands will open at noon on Friday, June 28 and will be allowed to continue sales through 9:00 p.m. on July 4. This is the period residents are also allowed to purchase, store and use safe and sane fireworks.


The City of Folsom confirmed with Folsom Times on Monday that safe and sane fireworks sales will be taking place by the following local non-profit organizations and can be found at the following locations throughout the city starting Friday:

Resilient Dog Rescue: 192-196 Blue Ravine Road
Folsom Softball Club: 715 East Bidwell Street
Folsom Vista Youth Football and Cheer (Vista Junior Eagles): 25000 Blue Ravine Road
Folsom Youth Basketball Association: 2760 East Bidwell Street
Mad Dog Wrestling Club: 1005 East Bidwell Street
Vista Del Lago Music Boosters Inc.: 270 Palladio Parkway
Folsom Police Canine Officer’s Association: 850 East Bidwell Street
Kiwanis Club of Folsom Lake Foundation & Folsom History *: 1018 Riley Street
Knights of Columbus Council 6197: 750 Oak Avenue Parkway
Lewis J. Blodget Post No. 362 The American Legion: 1840-1880 Prairie City Road
Rotary Club of Folsom: 25025 Blue Ravine Road
Rotary Club of Folsom Lake: 9580 Oak Avenue Parkway
Victory Life Church: 603-697 East Bidwell Street
Folsom Aerie No. 929 Fraternal Order of Eagles: 404 Blue Ravine Road
* Denotes shared booth by two organizations and volunteers

As thousands routinely enjoy celebrating the July 4 holiday with their own fireworks, local fire officials urge residents to do so safely in the days ahead to prevent injuries and the ignition of a fire. Fireworks that are purchased online and do not include the “safe and sane” endorsement printed upon them are illegal and potentially dangerous. Aerial fireworks are also prohibited by law.


“Safe and Sane fireworks can only be purchased from a State Fire Marshal licensed retail stand.  If your child has any fireworks prior to June 28th, the items are probably illegal and dangerous.,” reads a statement shared by Folsom Fire Chief Ken Cusano. “These items should be turned over to the City of Folsom Fire Department, Station 35, located at 535 Glenn Drive, or call (916) 461-6313. It is against the law to use, possess, store, or sell  illegal fireworks.”


The Folsom Fire Department reminds residents that state law  provides for a fine of least $500 and/or a year in jail upon conviction for violating fireworks laws. Some violations are a felony. Firework violations pursuant to the Folsom Municipal Code will result in a $1000 fine per infringement.

Fireworks cause many burns, injuries, and fires. Violators can be held responsible for damages, as well as having to pay a fine and/or go to jail. 


Parents are liable for any damages or injuries caused by their children using fireworks.

Look for the “Safe and Sane” State Fire Marshal seal on all fireworks like the one pictured here.

The City of Folsom Fire Department suggests that you visit the Folsom Pro Rodeo fireworks show for aerial displays and always use caution when using “Safe and Sane” fireworks at home.


• Always read directions and use common sense

• Have an adult present

• Use outdoors only – away from buildings, vehicles, dry grasses, and other flammable objects

• Light one at a time, then move away quickly

• Keep others at a safe distance

• Never point or throw fireworks at another person

• Never alter or take apart

• Do not give to young children under any circumstances

• Have a bucket of water nearby for emergencies and for dousing misfired and spent fireworks

• Never attempt to re-light or fix malfunctioning fireworks

Folsom also has a standing ordinance in place which prohibits the use of fireworks in several specific areas each year. Those locations including the streets, driveways, walkways and parking lots between and among the following:

Folsom City Lions Park (401 Stafford Street) 

Folsom City Zoo and Sanctuary (403 Stafford Street) 

Rodeo Park 

Folsom Public Library, Georgia Murray Building (411 Natoma Street) 

Folsom Community Center (52 Natoma Street) 

Folsom City Hall (50 Natoma Street 

Folsom Seniors and Arts Center (48 Natoma Street) 

Folsom Police Department (46 Natoma Street) 

Kemp Park (1322 Bundrick Drive) 

B.T. Collins Park (828 Willow Creek Drive) 

Lew Howard Park (7100 Baldwin Dam Road) 

Hinkle Creek Nature Area (7100 Baldwin Dam Road) 

Lembi Community Park – Except the paved parking lot areas (1302 Riley Street) 

Willow Springs Reservoir 

Livermore Community Park (6004 Riley Street) 

Hazel McFarland Park (1780 East Natoma Street) 

Philip C. Cohn Park (100 Prewitt Drive) 

Catlin Park (825 Russi Road) 

All City Bike Trails 

Private Property that has been posted by the owner per Folsom Municipal Code 

For more information on the sale of safe and sane fireworks in the City of Folsom, you can learn more on the City of Folsom’s website HERE