When it comes to the variety of duties the the Folsom Police Department’s Citizen’s Assisting Public Safety (CAPS) Volunteers perform on a day to day basis, the list is ever growing and changing as they help the Folsom Community in so many ways.


Such was the case Wednesday morning. While performing a regular vacation checks on area homes, Folsom CAPS Volunteers Eastment and Hamer noticed residents waving them down as they were traveling down Luna Circle.

As the duo stopped to address the concern, they learned members of the neighborhood were trying to assist a frantic mama duck which was separated from her ducklings that had fallen though a storm drain along the street.


Eastment and Hamer jumped into action. Together with the neighbors, they lifted the drain grate off and performed a rescue of the ducklings. Once reunited, mama and her young family returned to their formation and traveled about the neighborhood.

Animal rescues like this are not uncommon in the community and are not only performed by CAPS but often performed by our local first responders as well. It’s one of the many great things about Folsom as the community and it’s local agencies work together to keep all things safe.


The Citizens Assisting Public Safety (CAPS) volunteers are an elite team of volunteers who work hand-in-hand with public safety departments to improve the city while giving back to the community. 

The CAPS volunteer program was developed to support the Folsom Police and Fire Departments in their activities of protection and service to the community. The role of volunteers is to supplement professional staff, freeing them to provide the best service possible to City of Folsom residents and visitors.

Learn more aboutFolsom CAPS HERE if you are interested in joining their team or using their services.

Kayla Thomas
Author: Kayla Thomas