The Folsom Cordova Unified School District celebrated a milestone this week. After being nothing but a bare dirt lot just months ago, the final beam was installed to the structure of the new Alder Creek Elementary School in celebratory moment complete with a traditional topping out ceremony.


Alder Creek Elementary School is the second school to be built in the Folsom Ranch area south of Highway 50. Leaders from the FCUSD, Roebbelen Contracting, HMC Architects and members of the Folsom community gathered at the site Tuesday to celebrate the district’s milestone and the progress of the latest edition to the fast-growing Folsom Ranch community.


Prior to the hoisting of the final beam, members of the FCUSD took a moment to sign the beam and share a few words of appreciation for the hard work that has kept the construction very much on schedule. Among those signing the ceremonial beam was FCUSD Superintendent Dr. Sarah Koligian who has witnessed continuous growth across the district during her term. Koligian wasn’t alone when it came to the exuberant cheers as the beam was raised into place by a large crane on to the structure that is on track to be completed by the summer of 2024.


“It was an honor to be part of the Topping Out/Beam Signing ceremony at the Alder Creek Elementary construction site this week,” said the FCUSD in a statement following the ceremony. “Our heartfelt appreciation goes to Roebbelen Contracting, Inc. for their diligent and efficient work, as we eagerly anticipate welcoming students to our newest school in 2024-25.”


Located at 4545 Old Ranch Way, Alder Creek Elementary School is the second elementary school to serve the rapidly growing area of Folsom. Mangini Ranch Elementary opened in 2021 for grades TK-5.


As reported previously by Folsom Times and All Town Media, once completed, the new facility will be similar in construction to like that of its neighboring Mangini Ranch Elementary. The facility consists of a one building structure that is 80,000 square feet in size and two stories. As of a site visit this week, a good amount of the framing is in place for the first story of the structure as construction is on schedule.

Once completed by this time next year, the school is forecast to host approximately 764 students ranging in grades TK-5, not including the future expansion options it has made accommodations for. The completed school will also house a sports field and several asphalt recreation and play areas, including basketball courts.

Construction of the facility is being funded partially by a combination of Measure M Bond funds state funds, general obligation bonds and developer fees.

Alder Creek will not be the last to be planned and constructed in the south of 50 plan area of Folsom. By the time the Folsom Ranch Development is complete, the city will have several additional schools, including a third public high school and middle school and a total of five elementary schools.

All schools will be fully funded by state funds, general obligation bonds and developer fees. The Folsom Cordova Unified School District’s current boundaries include the cities of Folsom and Rancho Cordova, both of which adjoin Highway 50.

Folsom’s population is approximately 82,000, similar to Rancho Cordova’s population of approximately 81,000. The Folsom Cordova School district is entering a study to explore the possibility splitting the district in the future as the communities continue to grow.

Bill Sullivan
Author: Bill Sullivan

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