Ruby’s Books welcomes Nashville local recording artist singer and now children’s author Cynthia Renee for Author Meet and Greet June 11 


Cynthia Renee, a local singer-songwriter and current Nashville recording artist from Folsom has put her talents to work in a new form as a published author of her very own unique and encouraging children’s book titled “Find Your Voice.”  

This Sunday, June 11th, the longtime Folsom resident will headline an Author Meet and Greet hosted by Ruby’s Books in Historic Folsom from 11:30 to 1:00 p.m.  Ruby’s Books is Folsom’s locally owned book store and will be the first local retailer to stock Renee’s book, which was recently released on Amazon as well. 


While you wouldn’t know it today when she is performing on stage or broadcasting across the United States on country radio as a current Nashville Music Row charting artist, Renee faced the challenges of shyness growing up. As a young child, Renee would often go to great lengths to  hide herself from others, especially in group and social settings, often resulting in her being relentlessly teased and bullied by other children.

During her periods of isolation, Renee began to discover that God had gifted her with an incredible voice, which Renee found empowering.  Focusing on singing and writing songs helped Renee overcome her adversities and follow her dreams, as she “found her voice.” Renee’s own experience ignited an inner passion within her to uplift others through her music and songs.


In between her trips back and forth to Nashville where she has been writing and producing songs with her label, Renee has 


put her success story into the form of a children’s book in hopes that her story will encourage other children to reach for the stars and follow their aspirations, whatever they may be in “Find Your Voice.”

Renee’s 21-page book features eye catching illustrations created by her 17-year-old talented niece Bethany Brown.  Renee teamed up with well-known Folsom artist and author Brian Wallace, who assisted with hands on guidance with the production of the book and the publishing process.


“This was something I wanted to do for a long time,  but I had very little knowledge on how to take my desire to share my story, and actually turn it into a printed children’s book,” said Renee.  “That’s where Brian Wallace came in and offered his help to put the different pieces together. Brian’s help was key to making this all happen.”

In her own words upon one of the pages of the book, Renee writes, “Now, I use my voice every day in a way that makes me feel such pride! I can use my voice to sing a song that brings people joy deep inside.”

Through “Find Your Voice,” Cynthia encourages children to discover their unique talents and embrace them wholeheartedly. She inspires young readers to share their voices, talents, and passions with the world, just as she has done.

Renee returns to home from Nashville’s Country Music Artist fest just in time for her Author Meet and Greet and signing at Ruby’s Books from 11 a.m. until 1:30 p.m. June 11th, which is just four days before her concert in the Historic Folsom Summer Twilight Series on June 15. 

“I’m so excited for this event at Ruby’s Books in the heart of my community that has been so supportive of my career journey these last few years,” said Renee.  “I look forward to meeting some of those children and their families that have dreams like mine and perhaps inspire them to follow those dreams just like me!”

Ruby’s Books is located at 724 Sutter Street in Folsom. It can also be found online at The store will have plenty of copies of Find Your Voice available and Renee looks forward to personalizing copies as desired. 

Following Sunday’s event and her upcoming Folsom concert, Renee has a number of area performances slated. Among them is the Gold Rush Country Music Festival in Auburn and the El Dorado County Fair. She will also perform the National Anthem on Veteran’s Night of the Folsom Pro Rodeo on July 3 before returning to Nashville for a scheduled radio tour.  To learn more about Renee and her music career visit Cynthia Renee Music on Facebook or her website at

Michele Smith
Author: Michele Smith