Folsom State Prison recently hosted its very own ninth annual Relay for Life inside the walls of its facility, fostering unity and teamwork in a shared commitment to fighting cancer. 

The event, coordinated by Folsom’s Peer Education Program, was a resounding success thanks to the collaborative efforts of the incarcerated population and dedicated staff.


Participants were offered a variety of activities designed to engage and entertain. The lineup included classic games like tug-of-war, pickleball, cornhole, hacky sack and three-legged races. 

At the heart of the event was the walk around the track, a poignant reminder of the Relay for Life’s mission.


Educational booths dotted the event space, providing crucial information about various types of cancers. This emphasis on awareness was a testament to the event’s dual focus on education and enjoyment.

Relay raises $23,000 to fight cancer


The fundraising efforts were extraordinary as $11,000 donations poured in from friends and family. Meanwhile, the incarcerated participants raised an additional $12,000, bringing the total to an impressive $23,000. These funds will make a significant impact in the fight against cancer.


To accommodate the general population, the day’s schedule was divided into two segments. Approximately 750 participants attended the first half and around 500 attended the second, ensuring everyone had an opportunity to participate.

Aside from raising funds, this year’s Relay for Life celebrated the diverse talents found in the incarcerated community. Live musicians, artists, model builders, and athletes showcased their skills, adding a personal touch to the event.


Folsom State Prison’s Relay for Life is more than just a fundraiser. The event promotes unity, creativity, and teamwork. 

“The success of this event highlights the incredible spirit and generosity of the Folsom prison community, proving when we work together, we can make a difference,” CDCR said in a statement following the event.

Photos: CDCR