Since its inception some 14-years ago, the Friends of Folsom charity has been feeding families in need every Thanksgiving through its various fundraising efforts leading up to its annual Turkey Drive. Despite a challenging economy this year, the group came out strong again, bringing $20,000 to the Sacramento Food Bank and Family Services last week to help put food on the table for thousands that may otherwise go without during the holidays.

With their latest donation, the Friends of Folsom have now provided over 70,0000 turkeys since they first began their annual efforts years ago.  On Thursday, they made the trip to Cal Expo to present their raised funds during the KCRA TV Turkey Drive. The funds donated will help the food bank procure turkeys through its many resources to help those in need. 


Overall, more that 17,000 turkeys were provided this year through the donations of turkeys and donated funds.  After their local fundraising efforts concluded last week at the Historic Folsom Amphitheater, Friends of Folsom President and longtime Folsom resident Jeff Garcia cited the community for the continued success of their efforts, or as Garcia likes to call the generous community, his “Framily,” a term he created combining the charity name and “family” years ago.

“Twenty years ago this month I moved to Folsom. I was born and raised in San Jose. I always pictured myself in a major metro and thought I’d be in Folsom for a couple of years,” Garcia shared on social. “Funny how God’s plan may differ from yours. This town has been so special to me and my family and our Framily. Hundreds of people came out to the 14th Annual Turkey Drive Fundraiser Party. We partied, we danced, we volunteered, we sponsored, we donated, we laughed, we yelled, we cried , we set up, we tore down.  So many people had a role, all to help feed families. Illustrating why Friends of Folsom~501(c)3 and this community are so special.”


The drive for turkeys begins long before the holiday season arrives in the Friends of Folsom stable, located at the lodge of the Folsom Fraternal Order of the Eagles Number 929 on the corner of Scott and Sutter Street in Folsom. From that small building comes a great amount of philanthropy throughout the year that ultimately leads to thousands of less fortunate having a holiday meal on their table in Sacramento County, to be exact, a collaborative total of 70,000 as of this year.

Events throughout the year where this “framily” can be found working hard for donations include the high profile Hangtown Motocross each year. This event is responsible for a great amount of the annual donation. It doesn’t come without a little blood, sweat and tears though. 


The organization provides volunteers for the event, sets up much of the venue and then tears it all down during the hot summer months. In turn, the promoters of the race donates a portion of its proceeds to the nonprofit organization. 


This is just one of their many ways of raising funds during the year, all in effort to make the holidays better for all.  They also have many sponsors and donors that contribute to the cause, from local business owners to residents and more. 

“Thanks and appreciation are so heartfelt. Cheers to all who sponsored, donated, volunteered, attended, and helped in so many ways,” added Garcie. “Because of you some families that normally wouldn’t have will enjoy thanksgiving and Christmas.”


So what will this organization do now that the funds have been delivered? The answer is simple: they keep on going, not only to start for next year but for other fundraising efforts as well like jacket drives for youngsters and much more.

“We keep on going,” said Garcia. “This group loves to give to their community. I don’t think we really know how to stop.”

To learn more about their efforts and history, or if you wish to donate to Friends of Folsom,you can visit their website at ©Folsom Times, All Town Media LLC

Bill Sullivan
Author: Bill Sullivan

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