In a celebration of International Women’s Day, Lake Forest Elementary School recently hosted an informational and inspirational event at the Lake Forest Gym on the El Dorado Hills school campus.

The event was organized by Lake Forest Librarian Debbie Shedd, retired Librarian Cindy Carpenter and Principal Dr. Renee Mallot, aimed to empower and inspire young students, particularly those in fourth and fifth grades, by introducing them to the diverse and impactful careers of women in various professional fields. 


The event featured a distinguished lineup of presenters who are respected in their respective areas of expertise — attorneys, doctors, business owners, authors, nonprofit leaders, entrepreneurs, nurses and law enforcement officers to name a few. These accomplished women shared their career journeys, challenges, triumphs and the impact of their work on society, providing students with a rare opportunity to learn and get inspired.

“Our goal was to celebrate International Women’s Day by showcasing the incredible contributions of women in different professions,” Shedd explained. “We wanted our students to see firsthand the wide array of career paths available to them, regardless of gender, and to understand that their dreams and aspirations have no bounds.”


The event not only highlighted the professional achievements of these women but also allowed students to ask questions and engage in meaningful conversations, fostering a deeper understanding and appreciation for the role of women in shaping the community and world.