April 25 event welcomes guests to eat, create and celebrate, for a good cause

The night will be filled with culinary delights, creative demonstrations, and community celebration, according a press release from Folsom History. Attendees will be able to sample local wines and array of cuisines from around the world, courtesy of local chefs and food vendors. For beer enthusiasts, Red Bus Brewery will be serving some of their beer and discussing the art of beer making and how to set up your own home brewery.

Get ready to mark your calendars for an unforgettable evening as the non-profit organization Folsom History has announce it proudly presents “Making History: Eat. Create. Celebrate.” This fun fundraising event will take place on Thursday, April 25th, from 5:00 pm to 8:00 pm at The Square, located at 196 Wool Street in Historic Folsom.


Attendees will be able to see local potters, blacksmiths, weavers, and other individuals creating arts and crafts on site. In addition, guests can participate in a silent auction featuring a variety of unique items and experiences. Finally live music performances will create a lively and festive atmosphere for all attendees to enjoy.

“Over the last two years Folsom History has been working to serve our community better. We are taking the time to look at our collection, exhibits, and programs to find who is missing from the narrative so that we may work with these groups to help us become more inclusive to the current Folsom demographic,” the press release explained.

Folsom History will host a unique event on April 25 at The Square, located in Historic Folsom at 196 Wool Street.

In 2021, a new permanent exhibit was installed, bringing Folsom’s narrative up to the 21st century. More stories are told of immigrants and the work our predecessors have completed to get the city to where it is now. In 2023, a rotating quilt exhibit was created to show a historic pastime that is still thriving today.  In 2022, we created a Master Plan for The Square (formerly known as Pioneer Village) and created renderings for the expansion we have planned. The Blacksmith Forge was cleaned, and new blacksmithing classes and workshops were introduced in 2023. In 2023, we implemented an introduction and training for our teen volunteers, partnering with our local high schools to create a robust volunteering program for juniors and seniors. 

Over the next year, Folsom History is looking toward reinterpreting the site to include more diverse cultures and the history of all people in Folsom. We will also be introducing new STEAM component to our interpretation that will focus on the mechanics of many of the historical objects from our mining and agriculture history. In the future, Ashland Station will be renovated and made into a makerspace for anyone in the Folsom area. This will be a workshop space for people to gather in to create and learn much like those in the past had to create new art. 


“We believe that The Square is a wonderful place in a community like Folsom to bring people together, reminiscent of how historic squares thrived and brought people together,” says Rita Mukherjee Hoffstadt, Executive Director of Folsom History. “We look forward to activating the area in the heart of Historic Folsom on a more frequent basis.”


“Crafting and art are one of the biggest parts of the world’s history,” says Shelby Sorensen, Museum Manager of Folsom History who is currently perusing her master’s degrees in museum studies and library and information studies.  “Today history museums are finding more ways ways to engage the general public with history. History is continuously created and passed down generation to generation. We have to remember history is today and we are making it ourselves.” 

Tickets for “Making History: Eat. Create. Celebrate.” are available for purchase at https://www.folsomhistory.org/makinghistory. Folsom History hopes the community will all join in this memorable night of fun, food, and fundraising while supporting the efforts of Folsom History in connecting our region with its creative roots.

Event Details:
 What: Making History: Eat. Create. Celebrate. Fundraiser Event
– When: Thursday, April 25th, 5:00 pm – 8:00 pm
– Where: The Square, 196 Wool Street, Folsom, CA 95630
– Tickets & Sponsorship: https://www.folsomhistory.org/makinghistory
– Ticket Price: $50 per person, must be 21 years or older.

About Folsom History

Folsom History is a non-profit organization dedicated to inspiring an innovative future together by connecting Folsom to its inventive roots. Through educational programs, events, and community outreach, Folsom History strives to connect residents and visitors alike with the stories, landmarks, and traditions that make Folsom a unique and vibrant place to live.