The long-awaited safety improvements to Folsom Lake Crossing and East Natoma Street are set to begin. The two connecting roadways have long been the topic of community concern following a number of fatal and serious injury accidents over recent years.

On Thursday, the City of Folsom announced that construction on the traffic safety improvement project for the roadways is set to begin in the coming spring months. 


According to the cities report, the project will include 2,150 feet of metal beam median barriers, radar speed feedback signs, and updated pavement markers and improved signage. 

Median barrier rails will be installed on Folsom Lake Crossing, between the Johnny Cash Bridge and Folsom Spillway Access Road, and on East Natoma Street, between Gionata Way to the Folsom Lake Crossing intersection. 


The project also includes plans to resurface the same portion of East Natoma Street and Folsom Lake Crossing with a “friction course” overlay which will improve surface drainage and tire traction.

The need for the project was identified in the city’s 2021 Local Road Safety Plan (LRSP), a data-driven analysis of major traffic collisions, which identifies the appropriate corrective measures to reduce traffic accident fatalities and serious injuries on all public roads. 


According to city officials, the design plans will be completed by the end of February, and construction is estimated to begin in May.  The project will be funded by a Department of Transportation Highway Safety Improvement Program. 


Article posted Feb. 16, 2023 1:30 p.m.

Folsom Lake Crossing travels along Folsom Dam from Folsom Auburn Road to East Natoma Street. After several serious accidents in recent years, the city has announced construction to improve safety will begin in May.
Bill Sullivan
Author: Bill Sullivan

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