When it comes to history, the community of Folsom has a whole lot of it. While most of us know how the community and city came about, from Theodore Judah’s vision that rose the community out of the ground during the booming Gold Rush, to the arrival of the railroad, Johnny Cash’s famous visit and more. While the history books have documented all of those significant moments in time, there is a there is a hoopla of unique “happenings” that took place throughout the decades that you may not find in those ordinary text books but rather in local periodicals


If you look back through the years, you may be amazed of what was considered “headline news” back in the day. Folsom Times continues to partner with the staff of Folsom History to bring our community a backwards glance of yesteryear here in the community thanks to the work of Shelby Sorensen and Jovia Low. These two local history buffs have spent time digging into the past to bring you This Time in History, an ongoing collection of some of the memorable moments that were the “talk of the town,” back in the day and found in news articles, journals and more.   Here’s a look back at final weeks of August through the years.

September 1, 1976: Four suspects are captured for the murder of a man shot in Folsom.


September 2, 1921: A number of Represa youngster were entertained at the home of Warden and Mrs. J.J. Smith last Saturday afternoon, the party marking the seventh birthday of Lucile Smith. 

September 4, 1968: US history of race relations and aviation classes are slated in the Folsom-Cordova adult school; many of the district’s classes are boasted to be different, stimulating, and provocative.


September 6, 1989: Oak Chan Elementary School opens.

September 5, 1868: Store at Alder Creek was entirely destroyed by a fire.

September 7, 1889: Death of John B. Taylor, pioneer resident of Sacramento County.


September 8, 1944: Mr. and Mrs. Sam Henderson received a telegram stating their son, Sergt, Loyall C. Henderson, reported missing in action since Aug. 9, is in a hospital in France. 

September 8, 1950: Plans for building and financing a sewage plant were presented in Folsom; the estimated cost was over $100,000.


September 10, 1915: Former Folsom resident attempted to risk his life to save his prized horse in a fire. The man was so grief-stricken at the death of his horse that he was “hardly aware” that his barn had been destroyed.

September 11, 1931: A rumor in Folsom says Folsom Prison Parole Records were tampered with, resulting in a number of convicts being paroled early. It’s further rumored that the parole board is investigating this matter.

September 11, 1952: Folsom Unified School District reports that school enrollment this year soared to a record high.

September 12, 1908: One of the seven gasoline motor cars recently brought out from the East is now in service between Folsom and Sacramento. 

September 14, 1867: If there is a Florence Sewing Machine within a thousand miles of San Francisco, that is not giving entire satisfaction, if I am informed of it, it will be attended to without express charge or expense of any kind to the owner. 

September 15, 1911: After an annexation election, Sacramento takes in new territory; with it, the population will be three times larger than before.

September 15, 1966: The Tombstone Twirlers 4th annual Back to School Party will be held in the Folsom Clubhouse September 23rd from 8:30pm to 11:30pm. 

September 17, 1937: Twenty-five women organized a club at a meeting held at the new Officers and Guards clubhouse.

Above Photo: Lucille Smith’s birthday party as detailed in the Sept. 2, 1921 entry above. Courtesy of Folsom History Archives.