The Folsom Fire Department was buzzing with activity Saturday morning but it wasn’t the typical activity you see like cleaning trucks or participating in trainings. On this morning it was all about family fun and awareness, along with a hearty helpings of tasty pancakes being consumed by the community.

Each year during the month of October the Folsom Fire Department invites the community out to Station 35 on Glenn Drive for is annual open house and pancake breakfast.


For a mere $5 donation, those in attendance were served up a hearty helping of homemade pancakes, eggs and sausage made by the firefighters themselves. For families, the breakfast was a great deal, with kids 2 years and under eating for free.

Watch highlights from Saturday’s Pancake Breakfast and open house.


The fluffy flapjack flipping wasn’t the only thing happening today though. Inside the station and out, there was a menagerie of activity for attendees to enjoy.  Visitors had the opportunity to tour the station and see the different working areas of the department from front to back. 

Outside, visitors participated in a number of activities, from having the opportunity to climb aboard different firetrucks, rescue boats and more apparatus. They also got to see simulated rescue efforts on vehicles as firefighters explained what it takes to rescue victims in a car accident using the Hurst Tool, often known as the “Jaws of Life.” After explaining each step, firefighters then performed the feat, tearing open a salvaged car with their equipment, a scene that brought many wide eyes as youngsters looked on, watching their heroes do what they do.


There was also a variety of fire education displays behind the station. Firefighters and CERT Volunteers shared fire safety tips with visitors, taught youngsters about extinguisher use and more helpful tips to help them in the event of an actual real fire in their home. While the activity was educational, it was fun at the same time for all. 


Clint Howard was one of the many in attendance with his 8 year-old son David. Howard said his son has had a love for fire trucks since he was old enough to walk and talk and has even said he wants to drive a fire truck, “when he grows up.”

“We came here last year and when I told him it was this weekend he couldn’t wait to come back, all week he kept asking about it.” said Howard, as David climbed about one of the trucks with his assistance. “It’s great they put events on like this for kids, and us adults to meet the people that are here to help us when we need it. It’s also a great inspiration for children. I don’t know it he will follow that desire when he grows up, but if he does it’s safe to say he will remember these days of coming here. This is one of the things we love about Folsom.”


The activity wasn’t limited to only two legged heroes Saturday. There was plenty of furry fun taking place as well as visitors got the chance to meet Blaze. Blaze is an energetic labradoodle that came to the station through the local charity known as Hearts 4 Heroes USA. His role is an important one, providing the firefighters and staff with emotional support as they face endless tough duties and situation in their day to day roles.

Saturday’s event was scheduled to go up until 11 a.m. This event was sponsored by the Folsom Firefighter’s Association and wraps up National Fire Prevention Week; proceeds and donations will support public fire prevention education programs. 

Video and photos by Bill Sullivan

Bill Sullivan
Author: Bill Sullivan

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