Halloween is upon us and Folsom that means that one local business is going all out when it comes to celebrating the weeks leading up to the holiday in spectacular spooky cinematic style. We’re talking about none other than the Bacchus House Wine Bar and Bistro, where you can wine and dine among a variety of fabulous monsters and more through the end of the month.

There’s plenty of time to pay a visit to the local eatery before Halloween to see the spectacle for yourself. However, if you can’t make it in time, Folsom Times and TV got the full tour of the display this week for our readers to enjoy. (See full video interview and tour below).

Bacchus House owner Eric Lee takes Folsom Times and TV on a in depth tour of the restaurant’s latest holiday display.

“We love doing this for the community, said Eric Lee, co-owner of The Bacchus House, who is the humble mastermind when it comes to the themes and dramatic displays the restaurant is known for around several holidays each year. “It’s free to come enjoy, its’ all about celebrating the season in a fun special way.”

Anyone who has been to The Bacchus House Wine Bar and Bistro is well aware of the one-of-a-kind dining experience it offers. Along with the signature drinks and finely prepared dishes this eatery offers in the heart of Folsom comes something even more unique, that being special themes throughout the year that bring your dining experience to a whole new level. 


Many will remember the eatery’s sensational tribute to the Wizard of Oz last year to benefit Shriner’s Children’s Hospital and surely, most locals know about the restaurant’s elaborate decorations leading up to Christmas. Today, the décor is monsterous once again as diners take a step back in time as they enjoy life sized replicas of the monsters that made cinematic history through the decades. 

From Medusa and Dracula to the Wolfman, Frankenstein and his bride, Planet of the Apes, the classic Mummy and more, the restaurant display located at 1004 E Bidwell Street, will take diners on a jaw dropping journey through cinematic time in numerous areas of the restaurants.


 If you are scared to sit too close to the spooky characters, you can always choose to place next to a collection of the winged characters representing Alfred Hitchcock’s classic movie The Birds, or hang out with those little Gremlins both good and bad or choose a seat near the Wicked Witch of the West and her Flying Monkeys. 


Take a seat at the bar at the Bacchus House Winer Bar and Bistro and surely you won’t forget to phone home if you’ve had a few to many That lovable E.T. the Extra Terrestrial has taken residence on the counter but be sure to hang on to your phone and any Reese’s Pieces candy you may have on you because you may have to share. 

“While these are all technically Hollywood monsters, we have kept it family friendly,” said Lee. “Whether you are six years old or 106 years old you will enjoy this display. These are the monsters that we all thought were under the bed when we were kids as we celebrate classic cinema of the scary nature.”


Some of the characters Lee has on display throughout the restaurant represent those that graced the silver screen back as far as 1925. If you get a chance to catch him at the eatery, he’s always eager to give visitors a tour and boasts a wealth of knowledge about each character and the films they were best known for. 

The Halloween display even is working to benefit charity. While there is no charge to view the display, those that feel so inclined can make a donation when visiting to benefit the local Hearts 4 Heroes USA organization that benefits first responders through its Paw Platoon program. You can learn all about it at The Bacchus House.

Following Halloween, Lee will begin transforming Bacchus House into the season it is known best for as Christmas approaches and he transforms it into a fabulous holiday wonderland. The display is so vivid each year, that “Santa” has even been known to have a few meals there when he is in town during the season for the annual Folsom Police Santa Run, the Historic Folsom Tree Lighting and other upcoming events.

To learn more about The Bacchus House or to make reservations you can visit www.bacchushousebistro.comor click one of their advertisements on FolsomTimes.com. You can also call them to make reservations at (916) 984-7500.

Photos: Above: Eric Lee welcomes visitors to enjoy dinner or lunch with the monsters at The Bacchus House in Folsom. Below: Life sized Hollywood monsters are displayed throughout the restaurant and are best enjoyed in person are through the video tour provided by Folsom Times/TV above. Photos by Bill Sullivan