Folsom High School’s  Oviya Senthil has been selected to represent California on the National Delegation of Student Leaders following success at the National SkillsUSA Leadership Conference in Atlanta, GA.


Senthill was one of three local students to represent  California at the recent conference. Local students Greyson Bradner of Folsom High School and Nicholas Toutges of Vista del Lago were among some 222 competitors representing California. 

Over 12,000 registrants representing 52 states and territories and over 6,600 competitors and 110 competitions competed over 3 days at the conference. 


Senthil was elected as an officer of the organization for the upcoming school year. 

According information provided, Toutges placed 4th in the Nation in his competition, which was in Principles of Engineering Technology under advisor Andrew Bias.


Bradner competed in his division as a CNC 3-axis Milling Programmer, according to SkillsUSA.

Now selected as an officer, Senthill will be required to travel to DC and other locations frequently as part of the National delegation of student leaders. The commitment is something Senthill will be fulfilling all on her own when it comes to travel expenses and time, reportedly without additional financial support from the school district ahead.

The full list of the 2023-2024 National Officer team is as follows:


High School Officers:



Lilia Burkes (Md.)

Tyler Miles (R.I.)

Kayla Mathieu (Mass.)

Oviya Senthil (Calif.)

Region 2 Vice-President

Luke Yoakum (Fla.)

Region 3 Vice-President

Naomi Domer (Wis.)

Region 4 Vice-President

Preet Damani (Okla.)

Region 5 Vice-President

Troy Barrera (Nev.)

College/Postsecondary Officers:


Emily Pinto (Ga.)

Audrey Norris (Idaho)